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Ink cries murder part 2

Book By: sorepaws246


Submitted:Jun 5, 2011    Reads: 12    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter 2: Running Away "ADDISON! Get your ass down here!" I heard that raspy voice from downstairs call my name. It was slurred and mispronounced in some places. My foster sister,Emma, had some home drunk again. I walked slowly down the stairs, until, I guess she got impatient, she ran up to me, and grabbed my hair. Emma threw me down the last set of steps, until I nearly landed on my head. She pulled out her pocket knife, and threatened to use it. "You little emo bxtch! You like cutting yourself punk?" She grabbed my hair and pulled me off the ground, holding the knife just millimeters from my neck. "How's about we try here? Would you like that you pathetic emo fxck?" Emma Left me on the floor, my nose bleeding, and my hair a mess. I started to cry, and ran back up to my room. With my pandabear backpack, i shoved a few of my clothes and belongings. When I knocked over Emma's volleyball trophy from forever ago, I found and old picture, from about 3 years back, when I was 13. ~~Flashback~~ His name was David, we became friends when he understood what I was going through. He was the only person to make me smile and feel good. Regardless of what had happened 5 minutes earlier. Not because he was a good friend. It was because I fell for him. It was 3rd grade, I went to school in a dress, but no jacket. Bruises of all kinds covered my arms but no one seemed to care. The other kids ignored me, so I was left to cry and cry and cry. David came up to me, lifted my face, and pulled my hair from my eyes, and pushed it behind my ear. "are you okay Addie?" Addie, the silly name he gave me. He wiped my tears and held my hand as I explained the painful events from the day before. he gave me a hug, I wiped wiped the tears of sorrow from his eyes. "It's gonna be fine Addie, I'll never leave you." But he did leave me. It was after his 13th birthday, and we were only in 7th grade. He chased me all the way to the creek in the forest behind his house. We splashed for a while, then he broke the news when we were just having fun. "Uhm, Addie," "Yes?'' I replied. "I really don't know if we should be hanging around anymore. You might be the person to ruin my reputation." My heart sank. Tears started to fill my eyes, coming in black streaks from the mascara, staining the white dress and COnverse I had on. I ran farther into the woods, looking back, only to see that he didn't care. That he wasn't following me. ~~ I grabbed it off the shelf and flung it at the floor, letting the frame shatter, and the picture shred. I took one last look at the room behind me, and jumped out the window.


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