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When family princess Lydia Raven loses her brother when he is kidnapped and never returns she thinks she has lost her entire family. At the age of 6 she suffers the loss of her brother and after 2 months of her parents, now with no family Lydia must fight off sadness to keep from breaking. Will she succeed as a ghost from the past returns to her life?

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Sobs filled the house that had once been the happiest one in the neighborhood where not many people were. Athan Raven, the best brother in the world (according to his sister) had left for school and never returned. "Mom is he ever coming back?" Lydia walked up to her mother with tear filled eyes. The 6 year old was hardly able to understand what to do. Her brother had not been just a brother to her; he was her soul friend, her biggest supporter and everything she could ask for in one person. It had been 4 weeks and the police had already given up working on the case, but by some miracle a detective who thought this was really hard to bear for the family had decided to look into the matter as an individual. Detective Lucas was a true hero to her family, working so hard to find Athan. Other than that Lydia felt as if the world had fallen over her, she not only had to bear the loss of her brother but then she had to see her mother continuously crying in a corner not moving from her place, her father trying to hold himself together and then she herself wandering about in an empty room, hoping to find a 10 year old sitting up on the bed threatening to tell mom about her misbehaving. She had always been told that if something or someone was taken away from us it was because either we didn't treat it well or God was angry at us from doing something wrong. Remembering this always told lesson she walked up to the cupboard, opened the gate and tried to stretch her little body to reach the top shelf. She took a broken game controller and said in between her muffled sobs "if this is what you're mad at, please come back" she made a promise "when I get my first allowance when I am 10 I'll buy you a new one. I'm sorry I broke it---" her words were interrupted by a knock on the door, as she rushed to answer the door all she could think of was the sandy blonde detective standing with her brother, that is she hoped. "Uncle Lucas!" she greeted him with a big smile which soon fell when she saw him standing alone. The detective had somewhat become a family member and was very close to Lydia. Even in the 4 weeks that Lucas had been with them, there were two things he knew. One, this family was rich but the most kind hearted you would ever find and two, that Lydia and Athan had not only been siblings by some blood tied relation but that they were also those two people who loved each other to the moon and back. There was no doubt that Athan had never had a best friend in school and neither Lydia in the neighborhood, they were each other's best friend. They were what you'd call two souls in one body. "I'm sorry dear, but I'm working hard to find him" Lucas spoke when he saw the question and vain in Lydia's eyes. "I know you are, I just want him back" Lydia shrugged. They both walked in and as soon as they entered the room Lucas felt all eyes fix on him. Nathan, Athan's father's walked up to Lucas and placed a hand on his shoulder, "no luck?" he sadly asked the question which had its answer written in Lydia's brown sad eyes and on Lucas' tired and upset face. Nathan looked at his wife "Haley--" before he could complete his sentence Haley just nodded and said in a voice not more than a whisper "I know" They were surprised when the usually polite Lydia screamed "I want my family!" Haley managed to speak up "but sweet heart, I'm here and dad is here--" she was cut out by Lydia's blunt reply, "no Athan was my family, he's gone this family's gone" with that she stormed to her room, Leaving Nathan and Haley thinking how to comfort her and Lucas knowing he had to work harder but had only 3 weeks left till his resources were cut off because of yelling at his boss to look more into this case. After three weeks he would be fired and would have to leave too, besides he had to go to his new residence in another town after his marriage in 2 weeks, which he had been delaying since 3 weeks for the love of this family. Lucky for him his fiancé, Peyton had a kind heart. Lydia had said that her family was gone and true enough by fate 2 months later she found herself sitting in an ORPHANAGE

Chapter 1, 6 years later

A/N: This is the chapter after the prologue and basically takes place 6 years after it, so Lydia is now 12.

happy reading, review please :)


'You're strong, you can find out who did this..... you can, find out, find out.........'

"No!" I woke up again with heavy breathing, wide eyes and the sheets crumpled and clenched in my fists. 6 years and the dream still wouldn't go away. I always saw this weary and tired form of my mother telling me to find out who did this to my parents, to me, who killed them and send me to this orphanage. 6 years and the dream still wouldn't go away. I was used to waking up to the dark walls of this place but even after 4 years there was no scent of home in it. It wasn't that we had no one to take care of us here, we did. In fact we each had a guardian of sorts to be our single parent in the orphanage and they took care of us. Especially my guardian Savannah was perfect, she would never neglect me and I always felt safe with her.

"Lydia, you okay?" I glanced up to find a concerned Rachel looking at me from the top bunk.

"yeah, I'm fine, just had a bad dream" I casually told her and she nodded in response and drifted off to sleep. Rachel and I had become amazing friends. She came here a year after me and was always upset, not that I blame her. She would break down at lunch, in classes if she got a good report because she wanted her parents to be there for her to appreciate it. I picked up the pocket watch that lay on the bedside table, the only possession I had from my family. It was still 4 in the morning, 2 hours till breakfast. I let the thoughts wear off and went back to sleep with a single tear in my eyes.

"Lydia, wake up it's time" I felt two tiny hands shacking me the best they could."Just two more minutes, please" I mumbled in the pillow."We're shifting to the next building today, you don't want to miss it" I heard Rachel's eager voice and suddenly all the tiredness was gone. "okay, I'm up" I got off the bed and made my way to the washroom. Rachel and I shared a room. Mrs.Martin had done an amazing job running this orphanage, that probably explained why two students each had there separate rooms. after taking a quick shower I changed into a pink tee and a pair of blue jeans which Savannah had got me only yesterday. I gave myself a final look in the mirror and when I was satisfied my eyes weren't red from crying I made my way to the cafeteria with Rachel.

When we reached the cafeteria each table was already set with food, 8 plates, spoons, forks, knives and mugs. Rachel and I took a seat beside each other and were soon joined by Andrew and Jason, the two others in our group of four. We were usually given a simple breakfast like toast and coffee but today was a different day and pancakes and pastries were soon eaten. After breakfast we all were gathered in the main hall, where Mrs. Marin was already standing with a huge smile on her face.

"okay kids, you're probably wondering why I have gathered you here" she scanned the crowd to make sure everyone was there and then continued. "The part of the building which separated by a certain gap is only for children 12 or above, at the age of 12 you are all transferred in that building where you reside till you are strong enough to lead your own life. Today you all will be shifting there and I hope that you will make lots of new friends there". At that moment a hand went up and the owner of the hand received a smile from Mrs. Martin and then the boy spoke up "will our guardians move there with us too?". Anybody paying attention to the huge smile Mrs. Martin wore could see that she straightened a bit and replied "no, I'm sorry dear. I know how attached you all are with your guardians but now you won't be needing one, a certain package will be delivered to you every month with some money and you shop on your own" with that she left the hall and before packing up I decided to say my final goodbye to Savannah

I lightly knocked on the door of Savannah's room. "come in" came a sweet voice from the inside. I opened the gate and went in, Savannah was sitting on her bed going through some paper work. She looked up at me and smiled, that familiar smile I was going to miss so much. I could never forget how much she had done for me, especially the surprise she gave me for my 12th birthday just a week ago. I was at a loss of words, anyway what could I say to a person who was probably used to the shifting of her kids and now I was going to miss her so much. Not being able to come up with words I just went up to her and hugged her tight, my small arms wrapped around her neck as she bent to reach my height. "I'll miss you, thank you for everything". I heard a little laugh escape her throat ans she parted to look at me. "It's okay Lydia, I'll miss you too" she let out a little sigh "that is life right, it moves on" I nodded and said my goodbye with a heavy heart. I wasn't ready for this. But I knew that I had to be, always.

Walking in the hallways I saw girl hugging her brother, she was allowed to stay here till her brother grew 12 as well, I knew Mrs. Martin would not like the idea of separating the lucky pair who at least had each other. Seeing them reminded me of Athan, and my eyes welled up. I loved him so much, in time I had gotten used to the loss of my parents, it was Athan whose loss made me cry to sleep every night. My brother. I walked away not wanting to witness more. I went to my room and broke down crying on the bed, I don't know how long I cried when I was startled by Rachel entering the room. Given the looks on her face it was obvious I had been crying. She walked up to me and sitting beside me placed a hand on my shoulder, "it will be all right you know, we'll find a way out together" I just nodded in response to her consolation and went to washroom to splash water on my face. An hour later we were standing in the next building.

And to be honest that was all we were doing

We were standing

I don't know if you'll like it or not but I worked hard on this. Hope you enjoyed :)



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