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The Dying Detective. (The Angel's Kiss)

Book By: tika123love

Sherlock Holmes. The Dying Detective. John Watson, the one being chased by the Angels.

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The Dying Detective

As I crossed the street, I saw the thin guy, but he didn't see me. I guess that's how it began.

I followed the skinny guy for two more blocks before he turned and I could ask exactly
what he was doing here. He looked a little scared, so I gave him my best smile and my bluest eyes.
'I just went to get coffees for the Doctor and Amy. Hello, Sherlock.' He said.
'Hello, John.' I said to him. He looked confused. 'Where am I? How the hell did I get here?'
He asked. 'I haven't the faintest idea, but you'll probably want to put your hands up.' I told him.
The man behind him was pointing a gun straight at him. John put his hands up. 'Sherlock Holmes?'
A voice asked. 'You're Sherlock?' John seemed completely surprised. A black limousine pulled
up and the guy in the hood told us to get in. And so, we did.

'You didn't come here in the Tardis, obviously.' I said to John. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.
'Why?' He asked. 'He couldn't have.' I said. 'The city's full of time distortions. It'd be impossible
to land the Tardis here. Like trying to land a plane in a blizzard. Even I couldn't do it.'
'So how did you get here?' John asked me. 'Vortex manipulator. Less bulky than a Tardis.
A motorbike through traffic. You?'
'I'm not sure.' John said.

We eventually reached Grayle's entance hall and left the limousine alone.
'Ah. Early Qin dynasty, I'd say.' I said.
'Correct. Are you an archeologist as well as a detective?' Grayle asked me. 'Early Qin, just as you
say. You're very well informed.'
'And you're very afraid. That's an awful lot of locks for one door.' I said, turning and looking
at his door of multiple locks.
John walked around the room, stopping to look at a blue and white vase. 'Sherlock, I'm translating.'
He said. 'It's a gift of the Tardis. It hangs around.' I told him. Grayle looked at John and said,
'This one. Put him somewhere uncomfortable.' The first hood stepped forward. 'With the babies, sir?'
'Yes, why not? Give him to the babies.' The first hood proceeded to grab John by the arm,
and throw him to Grayle's cellar.

As Grayle helped me off with my mackintosh, I spotted the word 'Yowzah' on one of the vases.
'Hello, sweetie. Let's see, crime boss with a collecting fetish. Whatever you don't let anyone
else see has got to be your favourite. Or possibly your girlfriend.' I pulled the red curtains away,
revealing a snarling Angel statue with manacles and chains on it. 'So, girlfriend, then.' I said.
I started tapping on my Vortex manipulator keypad. Grayle asked, 'What are you doing?'
'Oh, you know, texting a boy.' I smiled.

'These things are all over, but people don't seem to notice. It never moves while you're looking.'
Grayle said. 'Oh, I know how they work.' I told him.
'So I understand. Sherlock Holmes, the detective who investigates Angels.' He said to me,
'Badly damaged.' I said.
'I wanted to know if it could feel the pain.'
'You realise it's screaming? The other's can hear. Is that why you need all the locks?' I asked.
Grayle walked to the side of the wall, turning off the lights briefly, letting the Angel grab
hold of my wrist.
'You're going to tell me all about these creatures, and you're going to do it quickly.' He turned
out the lights once more.

'The Angels are predators. They're deadly. What do you want with them?' I asked.
'I'm a collector. What collector could resist these? I'm only human.' He said.
'That's exactly what they're thinking.' I said, as all of the lights went out.
'What't that? What's happening? Is it an earthquake?' Grayle seemed to panic.
I heard the wheezing sound of a struggling type forty, and could feel papers blowing around.
'What is it?' Grayle asked.
'You could burn New York.' I smiled.
'What does that mean?' Grayle was overreacting.
'It means, Mister Grayle, just you wait till my Doctor gets home.'
The Tardis landed with a thud, knocking down Grayle and breaking the Chinese vase.

Amy ran up the stairs and into the room. 'John? John? John?' She was looking all around.
'Sorry I'm late. Traffic was hell. Shock. He'll be fine.' The Doctor said.

'Not if I can get loose.' I said.
'So where are we now, Holmes? How's prison?'
'Oh, I was pardoned ages ago. And it's Professor Holmes to you.'
'Pardoned?' He asked.
I nodded. 'Turns out the person I killed never existed in the first place.
Apparently, there's no record of him. It's almost as if someone's gone around deleting
himself from every database in the universe.'
'You said I got too big.' The Doctor said.
'And now no one's ever heard of you. Didn't you used to be somebody?'
'Weren't you the one who killed the Doctor?' He asked.
'Doctor who?' I said.

'She's holding you very tight.' The Doctor looked at my wrist.
'At least she didn't send me back in time.' I said.
'I doubt she's strong enough.'
'Well, I need a hand back, so which is it going to be? Are you going to break my wrist or hers?
Oh, no. Really? Why do you have to break mine?' I asked.
'Because Amy read it in a book, and now I have no choice.' He looked to Amelia, who
was standing in the door way, looking gultiy as ever.
'You see?' He asked her.
'What book?'
'John's book. Which he hasn't written yet, so we can't read.'
'I see. I don't like the cover much.' I said.
'But if John's going to write that book, he'd make it useful, yeah?' Amy asked.
'He'd certainly try. But we can't read ahead, it's too dangerous.' I told her.
'I know, but there must be something we can look at.' She insisted.
'What, a page of handy hints, previews, spoiler free?' The Doctor asked.
Amy smiled. 'Chapter titles.'

The Doctor scanned the page of chapter titles.
'He's in the cellar.' He said.
'Gimme!' Amy said. The Doctor threw the Sonic Screwdriver to Amy and started to leave.
'Doctor? Doctor, what is it? What's wrong?' Tell me. Doctor? Doctor, what is it, tell me.' I pleaded.
I saw a bit of the page. Chapter 12- Amelia's Last Farewell.
'Okay, I know that face. Calm down. Calm down! Talk to me. Doctor!'
'No! Get your wrist out. You get your wrist out without breaking it!' He yelled.
'How?' I asked.
' I don't know. Just do it. Change the future!' He said.


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