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A Broken Angle

Book By: tomke001

when little 12 year old holly's mother goes away she is left with her crule abuseive dad he makes her do terribole things she keeps daddys little secret.
holly loves to dance a her dance teacher offten worrys about holly but doesnt know what is going on behind closed doors

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It was monday night a little girl called holly was getting ready for her dance rehersle. she was a pritty young girl with long brown hair and dark bluse eyes.
Her dad worked late so she usely caught the bus or walked but she didnt mined she rather thanked god he didnt drop her off.when she got to the studio she went strate to the changeing room toilets to get changed."why do you allways get changed in the toilets we ar eall girls you know" said avery snobbish girl she was a bit older then holly she had black hair and emrald green eyes. holly paused for a moment cleard her throteand said"No reson" then walked off slowly. just then a very tall women called the girls in the dance room to start the lesson "good afternoon girls today we shell start of practiseing swan lake for the compitision next week."she smiled and looked around the room.
The girls all worked hard for the whole hour but Holly kept her head down. "well done girls" said the dance teacher miss darley she pused for a munit then swept her think curly blond hair from out her dark blue eyes and back under her pink head band "ok go and get changed toot sweet now" and with that she clapped her hands.

All the girls rushed out to get changed but miss Darly put her hand on hollys shoulder. "oh" holly said starcled and gave a little jump. "oh im sorry dear i didnt mean to scear you can i talk to for a second in my office" she asked. Holly nodded and followed her dance teacher to the office. "is evey thing ok dear you seem a little down and very jumpy" miss darly asked in a chalm voice. holly didnt reply she just nodded. "well ok if your sure but you know you can tell me anything is something bothering you ok. anyway your dads here i'll see you tmorrow." holly walked out to her dad blue rover slowly "Get in then" he said he was a tall skinny bloke with a long neck and a shaved head.Holly jumped in the car quickly and hid her face in her hands.

When they arived at home her dad looked around and then realised the back door was unlocked.
"Holly" he shouted. Holly suffleed towards him slowly "yes dad" she said in a quite voice "what did i tell you about leaving the back door open when no one is in" he shouted and banged his fist on the back wall. Holly gasped and tryed to run away but her dad caught her by the coler "were do you think your going" he said moveing his hand position into a fist and with that he struck and rased his hand and struck again. Holly didnt move she just stood there in fear and cried. her dad grabed hold of her chin and wisperd in her ear "you know what i think its time for our sesion". holly pushed away "no dad please anything but that please i beg you nooooo" holly pleaded. But her dad was haveing none of it though he began to take his trousers off and pushed his little girl to the floor the lift up her skirt. Holly kicked and cried and screamed but no one heard her.When her dad finely stopped she ran strate to her bedroom and cried her self to sleep

The next day holly went school early to avioid seeing her dad then went strate to her dance lesson
"Holly are you ok?" asked miss darley. holly only looked up and nodded"ok then but were did that bruse come from?" asked her teacher pointing to the big black bruse on hollys arm.

"I fell and hit my arm agenst the wall" holly said in a very quite voice. Miss darly gave Holly a worried look then nodded and then carried on with her lesson

that night when holly got home her dad was waiting in the living room "where were you!!" he snaped
twigled her fingers for a munite before awnsering "what do you mean?" she said her farthed rolled his
eyes "this morning you were gone before i got up and you didnt came back" he said cluching his hand "i had to go shop on my way school and i finished late so i desided to go strate to dance" she said backingaway. her farther swung and little holly doged it"do we need anougher sesion?" asked her farther"n n no" holly said in a shaky voice. "Well i think we do you know what to donow you get ready and i'll be back soon" he laughed. holly looked around for a place to hide she heard her dad foot step walk outside by this time she was hideing in the closet shakeing with fear she heard her dad foot step getting closer and closer "Holly where are you" he shouted holly stayed very still she was squashed between a pile of old cloths and a big sack of waights that her dad used to work out.
her dad was getting louder and louder and made holly jump and knowed all of his whaights over her dad turned around sharply "there you are" he said holding a pice of masking take. Hollys eyes got big with fear but knew she had no way out of what her farther was goingtoher "get here now dont make me wait becasue it will be alot worse if you do." he snarled. Holly nodded and slowly walked towards him. holly screamed as loud as she could but gave up because with every scream holly made her farther got more and more rough with her when he finished holly got up and turned around her farther slapped her round her face "and thats to show you whos in charge never dis-obay me ever again"

week after week holly was beaten and moreshe begain to hide the brusies so no one would know what was happening when she got home it was the night of the dance compitision and holly was on last she took a deep breth and began to dance. she gained comfedance with evey new step she did the crowd kept cheering her on when she finished she looked into the ordeance and was about to take her bow when her eyes met with her dads. holly started to shake "holly are you ok dear?" asked miss darleywalking toward her holly didnt reply and clapsed to the floor when she woke up holly was in hospitle and a kind looking nurse stood over her. "hello dear how are u feeling"

holly rubbed her eyes and looked around "what happend" she asked "you fainted but can i ask you something really importent holly?" asked the nurse

holly looked at her "yes but how did you know my name?" holly said weekly. "you dad told me now holly i need to know is something happing at home?" she asked looking holly in the eyes "no why?" holly said quickly "well you see holly we had to do some tests and you were pregnent can you tell me how this happend and were all the brusise came from?" asked the nurs sitting on the end of hollys bed holly crumpled the quilt and suffled over a bit "it was my boyfreind he didnt mean to gurt me and we aint together anymore he moved abroud" she lied "listen if anyone has hurt you. you need to tell someone ok?" holly looked at her "ok but no one hurt me i swear well my boyfreind did but were not together anymore and what do you mean was prgenent?" holly said starting to get upset and hopeing it all would end. the nurse shook her head "you had a miss carage thats why you clapsed honey" just then her dad came in "she ok to go home now?" he asked the murse nodded. holly slowly jumped off the hospitle bed and followed her dad to the car

when they got home her dad was even angryer then useul "you dirty little scumbag how dear you get pregent what have you got to say?" holly frose and a tear ran down her cheek "its not my fult dad and i hate you" she said sobbing her dad grabbed her shiny hair and yanked her towards him "what did you say!" he said shakeing holly with anger

holly fell silent "thats what i thought" he sniggerd and holly ran upstair "i cant do it any more god please just make him stop please" sshe sobbed.

the next night when holly was at dance she felt it was time to tell. she didnt put any make-up on so they could see the brusise and left the house before her dad got home on the way she kept her hood up she didnt want ever one to know what was happing when she got to the studio she knocked on miss darlys door "come in" said a very high voice.

"holly is that you dear?" asked miss darler trying to look under the blue hood on hollys coat. holly took a deep breth "yes" she replyed

"are you ok dear i heard what that boy did to you i dont know why you just didnt tell me what happend to you but i must say im a bit dissapointed in you getting pregnent at your age." she said "you still dont know do you" holly wimperd

"hmmm what are you talking about holly?" asked her teacher holly slowly took down her hood "this" said holly

miss darly froze in horrer "oh my holly what on earth" she stumbled on her words by the sight of hollys face it was that brused it looked like she had been working down the mines "when did that happen holly and who did it to you come on you can talk to me you know who hurt you." asked miss darley putting her arm around the batter young girl "ow holly yelled dont please it hurts eveywere its been going on for ages but last night was the worse of them all. and i know you say your disapointed in me but the truth is well they baby." holly stoped "go on whos was the babys dad holly " asked miss darley

"my dads" holly sobbed miss darley gasped and flung her arms around holly just then her dad barged in with a knife "you little bich you told" he shouted

holly breathed faster and faster she charged t her dad and grabbed the knife away from him "stay away from me" she said crying her farther backed off and so did miss darley

"holley give me the knife"asked miss darley and charmly as she could "no!" holly shouted she whiped her eyes with her sleve "he'l hurt me again i know he will"

"no holly i wont let him i prommise you now give me the knife"

Just then the police burst in whats going on here after seeing the silver knife in hollys hand and police offecer forsed holly to gve it him and put her dad under arest

after doing a DNA test of hollys unborn child her DNA maches yours your going to prison for a long time buddy said a man forseign her dad into the police car

after a lot of debate miss darley desided she would adopt holly as her own and so she did

a week later it came on the news a man has been jaild for life for the abuse of 12 yearold holly willams

miss darley looked at holly and holly looked back and they both smiled


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