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Revised Story: PLZ NO 1 READ

Book By: Unrequitedlover

Tags: Yeah, Whatever


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I woke up before a minute to my alarm would go off and headed towards my shower. I stared into my bathroom mirror to see dried teardrops on my face. I swiped at them remembering why I was crying. I shook my head of my thoughts of last night and started stripping down to take a long awaited shower. I relaxed my muscles and sniff in the scent of my coconut shampoo and let harmony settle upon me. I finished by washing off of what was left of my conditioner. I stepped out of my walk in shower and wave my hand over my body to dry myself off. I am a witch and have been training myself since I was six. A flash back comes to mind:

"You'll never amount to anything, you're just a stupid little girl. Mom and dad hate you and I hate you, so what are you still doing here?" the words came stumbling out of my eighteen year old brother. I had tears coming out my eyes "Mom and dad don't hate me, you're just saying that! They don't hate me!" I yelled back. My brother laughs in my face "Oh yeah, if they didn't hated you then why did they give you up? That's right, my mom and dad are not your parents, they're mine. They just wanted a little bitchy brat, so they got you" he sneered in my face. His breath smelled like alcohol and

it irritated me, so I closed my eyes picturing his mouth with black roses that were at grandma Becky's funeral. I pictured the rose's thorns so sharp that they cut his throat and keep him from talking. When I opened my eyes his mouth was full with thee rose I thought of. His eyes were bug-eyed looking at me. I stepped back as he chocked on them and fell to the floor. I huddled into the corner and waited until mama came home and saw him lying there and me with tears in my eyes. She slapped me across my face and called 911 for the ambulance. I never asked for anything from mama, but I always hope she still love me, but that isn't possible.

I shook my head erasing my memory away from my mind as I quickly change into some clothes. Being the top A student at my school wasn't as easy as everyone thought. I grabbed my black, dark blue backpack and walked out of my room, downstairs, pass the living room, and out the door to make my way to school. I walked to school like I normally do, I liked passing up the people and giving a wave or saying a 'hi', it made me feel good. Today seem more deserted though, I felt so sicken in comfort, I pictured some students at my school in pain. I smiled to myself, but stop before it became more than just a picture in my mind. Philadelphia, Willow Cove Upper Moreland High School didn't have students like me, well they did, just not in my description. I have long black wavy hair with natural silver streaks, silver mist blue eyes, and at least 5'4. Most girls here in Willow Cove has brown or beige blonde hair with blue, brown, or green eyes. I stuck out like a piece of stroganoff from our cafeteria, ugh. I'm lucky I don't live that far, it's like seven houses down from where I lived. So I make myself up to the front doors and knock to have one of the janitors let me in "Thanks Lucy, I appreciate it" I gave my thanks. The woman janitor smiles at me "You're welcome kiddo" she says and she walks back down first hall. I started my patrol around school like I always do and pass by our Film School studio to see someone climb through a window to get inside. I open the door to walk in and catch the perpetrator "Hey! What do you think you are doing?" I asked. He turns around too quickly and trips on some wires and makes a loud noise to make the dead hear. He stands up quickly for me to have a good look at him. His energy is new to me, none of the students at Upper Moreland High had this amount of energy. The door to the studio opens and the lights flash on to have blinded me "Hey! Oh kiddo, just you. Wait a minute, you have a boyfriend?" she asks with her right eyebrow raised in my direction. I was still blinded "Huh, no, Lucy!" I said getting infuriated. She laughs out loud "Juts messing with you kiddo, but you two need to step out of here. I'll fix everything up" she assures me. I had my right hand covering my right blinking eye as I walked out of there still seeing some flash in my eye. The boy I had seen was still walking right behind me "Why were you in there?" I ask without turning around. He seem kind of shock that I noticed he was still there. He answered with a soft, rough, soothing voice "Yeah, I'm new and I heard your school's film studio is the best in state, but I had to see it for myself. I thought if I came to school before any teachers or students got here, I get a look" he explained rubbing the back of his head with his left arm sheepishly. I couldn't believe the dunce "You could have just joined the film school if you wanted to see it so badly" I stated. He put both arms to his side "Yeah, didn't consider that till now, anyways I'm Terious Vic Myst, nice to meet you- " he awaited my name childishly. I really didn't want to befriend him, but for some reason I did "Meisan Sakura Kumoka, nice to meet you, Terious is it?" I responded. He smiled and shook my hand until we both felt a shock. I stayed there looking at him and drowning every aspect of him into my mind until I realize I was supposed to be at the library three minutes ago. I tore my eyes away from his and made my way to the library to study up next weeks exam. For some reason this boy followed me diligently without no noise behind me. Not many people can do that around me. I turn back around to have his chest in my face "Ever heard of personal space? If not, then here's a clue, back out of mine" I said directly in his eyes with a cold stare. I thought maybe treating him like the rest of the student body he leave me alone. He just grinned with his thin line of lips, his hair black with a violet streak covered his right eye. His other was in view and it was silver with a speck of red, with the closeness I could feel a four pack underneath his shirt. His height kind of intimidated me though at 6'4, I had the sudden strange urge of having closer if possible. No, I thought, me and the opposite sex would never go. I mean I'm not saying I wasn't straight it just didn't feel right with anyone here. He smiles at me and moves his face closer "Okay, I'll leave. Just note that you'll be seeing me again Miss Kumoka" he said swiping my cheek softly. He walked away going only god knows where, I shook my head to clear my mind and continue my venture to the school library. When I tried to look back to see him he wasn't there, he had completely vanished. I walked to the library still thinking about him, he was different like me, but I didn't want accept the fact I wouldn't be the only one like me here. After about an hour the school started to pack up with students at seven and yes, I did get there around 5:50 in the morning. It would soon be another hour before the bell would ring for classes to start. So I sat there in my regular seat at the library reading one of my favorite book classics by V. C. Andrews, Flowers In The Attic. It kept me intrigued until the bell had rung for first period. I got up from my chair and said goodbye to the librarian. I walked down first hall to my first class with Mr. Bensan the art teacher. He was lanky with red brown hair and glasses that over fitted his face. You could barely make out that his eyes were a dark green. I tried to ignore his looks and just listen to the lesson for today until he stopped when the class door open. In step the work of the devil, Terious, the guy I had just only met earlier. Mr. Bensan seem intimidated by him "Ugh, how m-m-may I-I help you young man?" he asked stuttering. He gave a grin my way before turning to face Mr. Bensan "Yes, I'm new. This is my first period" he explained himself. The teacher looked to his clipboard with all our names on it and asked boldly "Terious Myst, is it?" Terious nodded an affirmative. The teacher looked around to see where he can place him and saw a spot open by me. Now the teacher knew to not ever place someone by me, but that was the only place open "Ugh Miss Kamaka, would you mind if Mister Myst sat there?" he pronounced my name wrong. I closed my eyes in annoyance but responded none-the-less "Yes he may" I said a bit snidely. Terious walked over and sat down next to me, everyone watched as waiting for something I might do. I stared out at all of them "What, are we going to work or what?" I said annoyed. They turned back to sir and we continued with our studies for the day in silence. By the time class was over I had my stuff packed up already and was ready to go to my next class until Terious had stopped me. I looked at him breathing heavily with my breast heaving "What?" I said pissed off. He grinned at me again "Can you show me to my next class?" I grabbed his schedule from his hand. I looked at it and became so infuriated, he has all my classes in the same exact order. He knew I knew to, so that made me even madder "Just follow me the whole day" I said walking already ahead of him. I could feel his energy pulsating with joy and excitement and it made me disgusted. People were looking at us and getting the wrong idea as we walked to our second period, which was choir. We had two different arts but this one was with Mrs. Fleetwood, a nice touching plump woman. The class was mix, so you could sit wherever you want, I of course had my own spot on my own. Though Terious here made it clear he is going to sit by me in every class. In choir we didn't do much except learn the school song so we could sing for the freshman this Wednesday for orientation. Terious seem to sing well, actually sang better than any other guy I have heard. Next class was advisory with our math teacher Mrs. Apricot, after this was lunch and then science class to end the day. We only had four long classes a day, each semester the four classes would change. So far I have had felt different auras of energy around Terious all day. I have been wanting to question it, but I thought that it isn't much of a bother. His energy made me want to smile, be open, feel free, and I hated those feelings. I have spent so long keeping up a brick wall I didn't need him to break it down, not now. When our last class of the day ended I dashed out to make it to drama club, I was stage manager I need to be there before everyone else. I set up the props for the chosen play I had picked for us and I already had it approved by the Drama Club teacher Mrs. Flaunt. I only had five people to wok with and that was good, but for this special play I put together needed one more person and it had to be a male. Today was our meeting at the beginning of the school year and I made sure they be placing an announcement, in fact it should be said in 1, 2, "Drama Club meeting in the auditorium, also will be having auditions for a male lead, that is all" said the woman. I waited about seven minutes later when the five people I worked with came rushing in. I had three girls and only two boys "You all are late, you knew there was a meeting today. I sent you all email notices" I stated infuriatingly. The door to the auditorium opened again and it took my attention to notice the energy "You, what do you want?' I asked. Terious grinned "Don't tell me you have miss me since the ten minutes school has been over? Anyways I'm here for the male auditions" he stated right after. I turned away from him to direct myself back to the drama club "Anyways, this year as you all know Mrs. Flaunt is not always going to be here because of some family issues. At those times she asked be to take her place, of course I told her I do it. So if any questions now please speak up" I waited, nothing. I continued "Well I have this script in my hands that will make our school go big. This play I wrote myself and I have had it approved by both our Principal Landry and Mrs. Flaunt, the title is 'The Bitter Taste Of Love', we will decided who gets what part today, and have our male lead auditions" I had given my orders and each came up to take a copy of the script, even Terious. Everyone gave it an overlook of there own opinions as I gave them my choices of who is going to be who. I called out who was who "Vanessa is Brit, May is Tani, and the main character Vile will be played by Leslie. The main male role will be played by whoever auditions and gets the part, that is all" everybody split after that except for Terious. He stayed "Where did everyone go?' he asked Meisan. She continued walking but turned back to say "They know auditions are just meant for me to be here, so they split" she said without care. I shrugged to myself and went on stage to do my thing


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