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Dieing then being Reborn- Chapter 1 - New life

Book By: vampirebreather

Sometimes there are fights you just can't win...

Submitted:Jul 31, 2010    Reads: 46    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

"I'm hallucinating...I must be!" I thought as I stared at the pile of dead bodies in front of me.
One of which caught my eye. It was a young girl. She was at least seven. Pretty and obviously rich but the brown curls that stuck to the dried blood on her face told you that she had been murdered.
"Yes that's right I'm hallucinating! This couldn't happen in real life!"
"Or could it?" A voice said from behind me.
It was female, her voice husky and a little dry. I could feel her cold breath on my neck. I turned around to find no one there. My eyes wandered around until I found her she stood on top of the bodies. I couldn't see her face.
"I'm here inspecting a couple of recent murders. You wouldn't happen to know about them would you?" I asked her.
Oh sweet lord my voice was shaking, my palms were sweating and I felt scared and maybe a little intimidated.
She jumped down in front of me. Wow she was graceful!
"Me? Know about these murders? Well of course! It was me who committed them!"
She laughed circling me.
"What? Ma'am? I'm sorry I must have heard you wrong." I laughed nervously.
"No you heard me right. I committed these murders. BUT... I have a perfectly good reason why."
Then she ran. I couldn't catch her. She was so fast! Like a bolt of lightning! I turned my attention back to the bodies. To the girl who was brutally murdered. Around her neck was a piece of string and attached to it was a note.



I stood at the foot of the tower. Waiting, waiting, waiting...
"Shit, you scared the life out of me!"
I stood there scared and tense whilst she swung her way down. Still as graceful. I could see her face now. She was beautiful, slim and had one dazzling smile
"So, you asked me to come. Why? What for?"
Is what I should have said instead I said...
"S-s-s-so um w-w-what's up?"
She laughed. I laughed too, nervously. There was something wrong with her eyes. I looked deeper into them. I felt pain and sorrow. So, yes, there is something wrong with her eyes.
"What?" she asked looking away.
Why was I so scared of her? I mean she was just another normal person.
"You want to know why I asked you to meet me tonight?"
"I suppose..."
"Because I'm lonely. I never speak to anyone. They're all too scared."
"Um...scared? But why? I mean we're just the same."
She laughed again. Blimey! She had one weird sense of humour!
"No. No we're not."
She was looking up at the sky. No stars.
"I don't understand..."
"No. No one ever does. I'm not like you. I have speed, power and a different appetite."
Huh? She was completely confusing me now.
"I have no control over myself. That's why I killed all those people..."
Now's my chance...
"Yes. So about that. Why did you kill those people? They were completely innocent..."
"I told you. I have no self control. When I get hungry... I have to kill. I used to be normal, like you, but I got myself turned into the monster. "
I could hear sobs. Was she crying?
"You do know that I will have to take you away for what you did."
Phew at least it was coming to an end. I swear my palms were starting to melt. But then she stopped crying.
"No. No you won't. I can change this. Sort it out."
"You can't sort a murder out. Especially if you kill more than thirty people."
She laughed again. My heart was pounding and I knew something bad was about to happen.
"Oh yes I can."
Then she knocked me out. Just like that. And I lay there for eleven days suffering the worst pain discovered at all.


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