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Dieing then being Reborn- Chapter 2 - Reborn

Book By: vampirebreather

Sometimes there are somethings you just cant get over...

Submitted:Aug 2, 2010    Reads: 26    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I woke in a place unfamiliar to me. I felt... odd. Like someone had sucked the life out of me then replaced me with a new one. The only thing I remembered was a tall clock with an outstandingly beautiful woman with me. Huh?!? A scream came from outside. I walked out to see what was going on.
Not such a good idea.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?" I screamed at the beautiful woman who was ripping apart a bird.
"Uhhh... dinner?"
Right, now I was worried. Dinner? A bird which had not at all been cooked? I watched her as she feasted on the bird. Another one, which lay beside her, moved and she killed it one handed.
"Um could you, sort of, yeah! COULD YOU EXPLAIN WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?"
"Well we met. Then we met again. Then I knocked you out and changed you." She said simply looking up, from the now blood drained bird which flopped in her hand.
"Oh yeah of course yep... WHAT DID YOU CHANGE?!?"
"You're humanity. Well you're sort of not... well ... human anymore..."
She ended with a nervous laugh and stood up to catch me as I fainted.
I woke up in a bed. The room looked familiar, but not good familiar. I groaned and got up out of bed going to open my imaginary curtains, forgetting where I was. I groaned again, half asleep, as I walked into a concrete wall. But It didn't hurt, HUH?!? Oh yeah I remember now... I'm 'not human' anymore.
"Oi?!? Pretty girl...Person?"
A note was on the floor with the dead bird from yesterday. I gagged and flung it out into the... the forest??? Confused I studied the note instead. It read:-
Gone hunting. Be right back. And by the way... my name's Alicia xxx
How the heck did she know that I didn't know? Ugh. No! No more confusion today. You're already in a load of crap. I looked down to see what I was wearing. Huh! A suit. At least I looked a little decent. Except for my light blue shirt which was stained with... blood?!?
"Oh well, this is just getting better and better isn't it?" I muttered to myself.
I was irritated for the rest of the day because of the bite on my neck. Hang on... A bite? On my neck?
Then I figured it out. I had changed. I wasn't human. I was a...
"You alright?"
Ugh that's all I need.
"Yeah sure. So you know when you were telling me that I'm sort of, ugh, not human? Well what am I then?"
She stood in front of me. All sight of happiness faded slowly out of her face. Her eyes widened and she started to stutter.
"Um... well..."
She rubbed her neck. I could tell she was upset with herself.
"Look," I said I tried to calm her down "Just tell me. What happened?"
"I...umm... You're... ugh... you're a vampire."
I laughed. She must be nuts. First she's eating, well draining, dead birds. Now she tells me that I'm a vampire.
"I'm serious. That night when I knocked you out I brought you back here. I didn't know what to do with you because you were still unconscious. So, I, well I changed you."
Then she ran dropping the three dead rabbits she was carrying.
"Ugh I need to sit down." I thought, sliding down the wall into a sitting position.
Then I caught a hint of something. It smelt delicious whatever it was. I looked around for any signs of food. None. Unless... I walked over to the dead rabbits. They all had massive gashes on their heads and blood was oozing out of them.
I picked one up smelling it. It was the rabbits making such a delicious smell. But how? Then I thought.
The next thing I know is that I'm ripping apart a rabbit sucking, draining every drop of blood. This scared the shit out of me but I liked it. I felt like running. Like some sort of adrenaline rush was coming over me.


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