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Dark Blue Tenessee

Book By: Wirefire41

Suvana's mom can no longer pay the bills in Maine so she's shipped off to Nashville to live with her Dad, step mom and step siblings. Everything changes and she doesn't think she'll ever expect the fact that this is her new life. Will she survive the new settings?

Submitted:Feb 28, 2012    Reads: 7    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Dark Blue Tenessee Chapter 1

As the red Chevy hurdled down the bumpy dirt road, it left dust flying and a sad girl wishing she were back in Maine with here dear Mom. Suvana looked out the window and sighed.

"I uh.. Hope you like it here," her father stuttered, making an attempt to make her feel welcome to her new surroundings. "There is a pond by our house, a lake, and you'll love your step Mom."

"Just because she's my step mom doesn't make her my real Mom, Dad. And anyway, that's your opinion. I'll form my own," Suvana said in an angry voice, now giving her dad the evil eye.

"Well, just give Nashville a chance. It wasn't my opinion to bring you here. It was an order. You know you can't go back," He said in respond, taking his eyes off the road to look at Suvana. This was true. Her mom could no longer pay the bills to the apartment and had to let her only daughter go.

Suddenly, the road got bumpier and the car kept bouncing off of the ground and sometimes falling in to rabbit and mouse holes in the ground. Suvana's dad now needed to turn away from his daughter and pay more attention to what he was doing.

"We're almost there. Just try to be nice," He ordered.

"No promises," Suvana groaned, tapping her fingers on the grey dashboard.

Her dad was right. A couple of minutes later, the car parked in front of an old barn with chipped paint and smelled like animals. As she got out of the car she had to hold her nose to make sure the vomit that was stuck in her throat would not fly out of her mouth.

"Smell that fresh air," Suvana's dad smiled, handing her her lugage.

"If it smells like cow pies, yes i smell it," she complained, still holding her nose. Then, she hurried on over th=o the cabin, not bothering to wait for her dad. She hoped the house smelt better.

Alass, she was wrong. When the door to the wooden house creeked open there was a whole new aroma... dirty socks and underwear. Also, she found a bunch of people siitting in the living room. A chubby woman with blond curly hair sat on the floor trying to calm down her young child who had the same brown hair as me and my father and wearing a princess suit. On the couch sat a boy about three years older than me wearing a "Emo Elmo" shirt sat ont he couch playing Mario Kart on the DS. And, the whole room could be discribed as a mess.

"Hello?" Suvana said softly, swaying on her heels.

"Oh! Hi!" The chubby woman said, raising herself off of the floor. "You must be Suvana! Your father has told me so much about you. I am your step mom, but you can call me Olive.

"Hello Olive," Suvana waved.

"How rude of me! This is Kayla. She is soo cute and loves to play princess, she's just having a little bit of issues with her Tiara." Olive was pointing to the brown haired little girl throwing a tantrum. "Oh and that over there is the lazy butt of a Thorne. Say hello Thorne."

"Yo!" he shouted over his game.

"I'll show you to your room now dear," Olive smiled and took some of Suvana's bags, leading her to the room.



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