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Katie was done. A normal girl turned to a target. The girls at her school was so mean, she couldn't believe it. They told her she was unwanted, useless. Enough things to make her not want to live.

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I was done. Just done. I looked into the mirror. I wasn't pretty. My hair was too thin and short, eyes too big, nose too small, mouth too small, face too sharp. I stared at myself for a couple minutes then opened the cabinet. I took out the bottle and popped off the top, pouring the little white pills in my hand. Twenty-one pills, enough to have me gone in less than ten minutes. My mom wouldn't be home another two hours, dad three hours, brother thirty minutes. I set the pills on the counter and took a deep breath. I turned around and walked down the hallway to my room. I looked over my letter to my mom, dad, and brother.

"It's not you guys. The girls, they're so mean. They harass me at school, and I can't take it anymore. They call themselves The Clique, cheesy, I know, but the things they call me are so hurtful, they don't even hurt any more. This has been going on so long, but I wouldn't want to bother you all with my feelings, no one cares. I'm not pretty or popular enough for any guy to like me. You three will be the only ones to miss me, probably Carly, but we've only been friends for a couple months. I'm sorry I'm leaving you like this. Caleb, you'll be an only child like you've always wanted. Mom, you won't have to complain about buying me things anymore. Dad, I won't annoy you to have father-daughter time anymore. I love you all. Good-bye

Love your unwanted daughter,


No one called me Katherin. Only Katie. As well as whore, slut, useless, unwanted piece of shit. I put the key to the bathroom on the paper and walked back to the bathroom. Before I got out the door, my phone buzzed. I grabbed it off my bed and looked at the name. I almost threw my phone when I saw who it was from. Misty Walters. I did throw it at the wall when I read it. I ran to the bathroom, slammed the door, locked it, and slid down it, crying. Tears didn't come, they didn't anymore. My crying was just big sobs, rocking out of my chest. I got up, breathing deeply and looked in the mirror.

"Hey slut! What's up? Probably standing on the corner to get guys for money. No guy will want you though, you're so hideous they'll probably get into a wreck from seeing you. The world would be better without you, whore." So mean, so hideously mean. I grabbed the pills. I didn't hear him. I didn't hear him come through the front door, bound up the stairs, call my name. I didn't hear him until he was unlocking and racing through the door, trapping my hands, knocking the pills to the floor. I screamed.

"Caleb! No! You're ruining it! Stop! Let me do this!" I screamed at him, but he wouldn't let me do. He dragged me to my room and layed me on my bed while I still screamed. He layed himself on top of me, gently shushing me. I stopped screaming, but started crying, this time with real tears.

"Shh, it's alright. I got you." Caleb, my brother, my superhero of a brother whispered softly to me. I cried, and cried. He sofly pushed my hair behind my ears. I looked around, my phone on the floor, unhurt, the note on the floor of my bedroom, the pills on the floor of the bathroom across the hall. We stayed like that until I heard the door open. Neither of us moved from my bed, even when my mom came up and called our names. I continued to cry and Caleb continued to shush me. My mom looked into the bathroom.

"What the hell guys? What were you doing?! Playing with my health pi-"she stopped when she saw us. My mom raced towards us. "What happened? Oh my God, Katie, Caleb, what happened?!" Caleb put his finger to his lips to shush and then pointed to the note. My mom picked it up, read it, and came to me. I looked at her; she was as much of a mess as me. Crying, bawling, sobbing. She wrapped her arms around me and layed next to me. We sobbed together and when I looked at Caleb, he had his eyes closed with tears running down his cheeks.


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