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Jimmy Nail: Northern Soul

By: Alex Joey Casey

Page 1, A review my all time favourite book Jimmy Nail: Northern Soul.


I have admired Jimmy Nail and his work for the past year.I have been interested in his work and life since I first watched his character Oz in the comedy/drama series Auf Wiedersehen Pet. This book is a must read for any Jimmy Nail fan out there no matter what age you are. This book is a brilliant insight into the world of Jimmy Nail and had me crying with laughter, surprised in shock and sometimes just generally fascinated by things I never knew about him.
It tells what it was like for him growing up with two older sisters,his friends,his school life,his parents,death,previous jobs,acting,friends,love,drink,kids,moving house and how he became the man he is today.
I believe this is one of the best books I have ever and am ever going to read because Jimmy Nail tells his life in a humorous and imaginative way which can make every chapter seem very revealing with photos from his life which will leave you and laughing and wondering "what the hell were you thinking" No matter how many times I read his book it fascinates me every time.

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