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Book review By: alhain


Submitted:Mar 16, 2009    Reads: 103    Comments: 9    Likes: 0   

As the old magician was packing up his bags he fell on the floor, the audience went quiet. That day was a day never like before, there would be no joy for man on earth anymore. Have you not heard the news? The great magician is dead they have killed him. Was it another of his tricks or it was a fact. In fact the magician was well aware of the needs of certain town people to create their own tricks, he wanted to make it so interesting so he set out to play as the magician who disappears by being killed and he well worked at it. They killed him in the city; well that's what people say. But the magician is the greatest, how can he be killed? A couple of days later the people of the town are ready to make their own tricks, as some do so the magician is in the audience, he is watching all exited at the prospect of having another who would bring him true joy. Whose parent has never been happy watching their offspring struggling to become their true self? People of the town don't know something; it took the magician a lot of strength and love to create all those tricks. The magician created the tricks to please another, just like comedian they can laugh at their own jokes and that's a sign of a true artist. The magician in this story is god, people think that they have killed her, but in reality she planned her death in order to give space for us to be responsible for our own joy, you are life or lets say the soul and your body is the raw material and trough this union you create a spirit. This spirit in turn will turn out to become a soul but only when it has come to grips with authentic power. Do you see what is going on here? Be made in the image of god is being able to create. If the soul is pure it is because life in fact has made it to become just that. Will you guide your creation to that place they call nirvana? If god takes care of your soul, could you then not start taking care of your personality? You are god's creation and your personality is your creation. When you are born you are born without a spirit, your work here is to create, but to create what? A soul my dear friend, this soul starts as a spirit. The universe is the result of evolution and it is still expanding because an intelligent designer we prefer to call god or good guides it. When we look at things we can see that there is hidden order in all that is happening in this universe. The universe in turn has created a being with which to share the goodness the creator is offering to it and that being is you. In return just out of reverence for the gift of life itself we are all called to share the goodness bestowed upon us with others. The universe is evolving because we are in it or life is in it. We evolve also because people are within our lives or us. You cannot get enlightenment by secluding yourself to a mountaintop. You are enlightened trough what come your way trough relationships between you and the universe (including all form of life). Enlightenment is not some magical formulas we are meant to say. Enlightenment is another term for growth. This growth is happening all the time. You are a personal ego and you are called to become a god. What does that mean to be a god? It simply means being good to everyone. Being god is being able to bestow all that we are for the well being of our personality and trough that personality you get in touch with everyone. This is a truth we have hardly heard; the society in which we live is packed with people who don't know that they are life made to create another life. Is your personality truly yours? Are you being seduced into being someone else? There are things that get you at peace with the world. Can you find it? Can you accept rejection and pain to find it? The world was meant to be a platform in which we all had to performed our tricks. The people who know this secret are being held prisoner trough wars, famine, pain, terror, and fears. Those who have tried to say a little louder have been killed somehow, but their holy spirit or their holy tricks are guiding those who wish to listen to them to make this world what it is meant to be.


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