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Things I Hate About You - Book Review

By: Critic Clare

Page 1, Season Two, Review Two.




Things I Hate About You.

A Short Story By: KatzieWhatziz





Elaine and Landon decide to play a game of 'hate'. If Elaine wins she gets to slap Landon in front of everyone and if Landon wins...he gets to steal a kiss from Elaine...




            KatzieWhatziz has been with me since I first joined Booksie in January. And her writing is absolutely fantastic, and ‘Things I Hate About You’ is no exception. Elaine and Landon are the absolutely cutest couple I’ve ever seen in a short story. As to why; I’ll explain.

            Elaine and Landon aren’t really friends, Landon is childish, and Elaine is quite defensive. The two get along just fine, Elaine just doesn’t know it. Landon, bless his heart, is trying to get Elaine not to hate him anymore by playing a game. The hate Game. Now mind you this is a short story, therefore I will not spoil everything, but let’s just say Landon is smarter then he appears. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to have their day brightened up, to anyone who wants to read something cute, but not too long, to someone who just wants an “Aw! That’s so cute!” moment. Katzie you’re a fantastic writer, keep up the good work, and don’t ever stop writing.




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