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Book Reviews!!!!

By: Dolphin198818

Page 1, This will be where I write my book reviews that I have read on some books!!!!

This section will be on books that I have read and will tell you guys what I have thought about them. That way you can decide on if you want to read them or not. And you can let me know what else are good books, and I might read them as well. Thank you!!!!

Book Reviews:

1). Have just recently completed the first book of the Hush, Hush saga called Hush, Hush. I thought it was a really good book and kept me intrigued the whole way through. The book had a very good story line about fallen angels and humans. I will give it five stars since the story kept me intrigued and it was not boring. If you like books about falling angels, then you will definitely like this one.

2). Are you interested in the past life's of the rich and famous? If the answer to this question is yes, than you should read the book called The past life's of the rich and famous by Sylvia browne. In this book you will read about the past life's of some of the celebrities that we come to adore. After reading this book, I was not disappointed and was not bored. I think this would be a very interesting book to readread, and it'll keep on wanting you to read more. I would give this book five starsstars and highly recommend reading the book. At the end of the book is a meditation that will help you find out who you where in your passed life's.

3). The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy: I absolutely love these books! But I wouldn't recommend them unless you are at least eight teen years old older. It's about a woman, named Anastasia Steele who falls in love with a multi-millionaire named Christian Grey. This is like kind of reading a porno, so this is why I don't recomend anyone to read it unless they are at least eighteen and above and is interested in this type of book. It is very tastefully done, and I have read them all twice, which goes to say, that I really love these books, and it is a must read!

4). Teardrop By: Lauren Kate: I have just finished reading this book sometime last week. I can not remember which day, because sometimes my days blend together. But I have finished the first book in this trilogy, and I recomend this a read. It is mostly, I would say, for young adults/teens, but I had found the book interesting, since it's about love. This book is about a girl named Eureka and a boy named Ander. Eureka can not cry or she will summon the lost continent Atlantis, that might lead to the death of everyone else. This is were Ander comes in, and tries to help her, and tells her everything that she needs to know. I found this book interesting enough to finish, and I think you guys just might enjoy the read!

5). The House of Night Novels: except Revealed which I havent gotten the chance to come around and read yet: These books I would have to say are really good. They are about vampires; which I know, that a lot of books are about vampires now a days, but these are really good. It's about a young girl named Zoey, who is chosen to be a vampire, but she doesn't know if she wants to be a vampire, or if she is going to make a change to become a vampire. It's also about a love triangle, which you would have to read, because it's too complicated to put it all on here. I do love these books, and if you are interested in vampires, then these are a must read. (Please, I ask you if you have read Revealed to not tell me anything that goes on, as I like to be surprised.)


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