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Come Join In Our New Story!

Book review By: DreamClan

Me, my sister, and cousin are looing for any one who would like to play a part in our new story as a cat.

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Hello, DreamClan here!

The point of this is because that we want everyone to have their very own cat that will star in our story. The squeal was uploaded so your cat will not be in the first story because it is already done. You can always read the first one before you send in your cat below.

The way the requests work is that you pick the cat's name, Gender, Age, Their looks, position, and their personality.
right now there are only two clans you can join. You can be a Knight, Queen, Rouge, Kitten, or trainee.
If you pick between a Knight, queen, kitten, or Trainee, you can pick what clan you belong to.
1) PeaceClan
2) Warclan
Peaceclan is made up of cat's that are very peaceful and only want war to go away.
WarClan is made up of wild dogs and are run by three cats. (You can't be a dog)
You can be a Rouge and you can say if you want to stay a Rouge or join one of the clans above.
In the first book there were three clans, but you could only pick between two of them.
1) FlowerClan
2) RiverClan
And the one that you couldn't pick was:
3) DeathClan
RiverClan and FlowerClan used to be PeaceClan at one point until DeathClan came and split them into two clans. At the end of the first book, RiverClan's leader died and then FlowerClan and RiverClan became PeaseClan again. DeathClan was no more after PeaceClan took care of them, but now in the second book a new clan has came to take PeaceClan down and their name is WarClan.
This is one of the cat's in our story.
Name: Haiku
Gender: Tom-cat (Or if your cat is a girl she could be a She-cat)
Age: Middle aged (Your cat can be A New born, Kitten, Young adult, Middle aged, or Elder)
Looks: A silver tom-cat with dark black stripes and Amber eyes. Little black spots all around on eye.
(You can't have your cat look just like him so try to think of a look on your own)
Position: Was once a house cat, then a DeathClan Medical cat, and now a Supplier of DeathClan.
(Your cat can't be a Commanding cat, Supplier, Medical cat, or Leader unless we think that your cat has what it takes)
Personality: He is noble to PeaceClan, He is loves his mate and kittens, He is very nice, but can be mean, Hates WarClan more then anything, He is loved and loves to help the Medical cat with supplies of berries and Herbs.
(You can use some of them, but try to think of some on your own)
His mate is: Leaf, who was the old leader of FlowerClan. She is now a Queen of Peaceclan. She had her own kitten named Moss
who is not his kitten. It was Leaf's old mate's kitten.
His kittens are: Anzu and Andropov. His two sons aren't born yet.
Leaders: Leaders are the leaders of each clan and earned their right to be Leader.
Commander (Or Commanding cat): is the next in line to be the leader and controls what the knights and trainees do.
Medical cat: Are cats that care for the injured and sick.
Knight: Knights are cats that vow to protect their clan with their life.
Trainees: Trainees are Kittens that train to become Knights.
Queens: Are she-cats that have kitten to have more Trainees for the Clan.
Rouges: Are cats that have sad stories of their lives before being sent into the wild alone. They either choice to stay Rouges and steel food and other things or join a clan. (Must give us a background)
Loners: They are cats that will never join a clan and wonder the wild alone. (Gives us a background too if your cat is a Loner)


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