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Book Review: Hunger Games

Book review By: Frassati99

This is a review on the book Hunger Games, for those who want to read it or don't believe that crap said about it!

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The Hunger games is a fantastic story for teens and young abults. i would not recomend this books, or any other book in the series, for children in fith grade and below because of the intense violence and action. I would give the hunger games Five Stars out of Five because it's plot is #D (meaning the plot isn't flat, meaning there is description, Depth, Detail, and good Words), it keeps the person reading it in the Fictional word of Panem, and at spme points, can keep you up all night reading it! The story begins in the "Ghetto" of district 12, also known as the Seam. Fifteen year old Katniss Everdeen is barely surviving and has to illegaly poach to support her family, along with her best friend Gale Hawethorn. The mayor and most of the citizens don't mind this due to the fact that they buy the meat! Soon, the choosing of the tributes for the Hunger games, entertainment for the Capitol broadcasted on live TV where tributes have to kill one another in a specified habitat, begins for District 12. Primrose, Katniss' sister, is chosen from a raffle, but Katniss realizd that Prim has no survival skills, and steps in to take her place. A baker that gave her burned bread when she was starving named Peeta Mellark is the male tribute. They fatten themselves up on the train to the arena to lessen the detoriation in their weight. At the training Area, Katniss discovers her bulls - eye ability in Archery that will give her a deadly edge, and Peeta, who can throw weights and camoflauge. Katniss also meets a small girl named Rue from the Plantation District, 11. Katniss later discovers Rue's climbing ability, memorization of nuts and berries, and other survival skills. When she is reviewed by the game makers, the people who made the Hunger Games, none pay attention to her because they are too hungry. So Katniss, in a fit of rage, shoots an arrow through the mouth of a swine they are eating, The Game Makers are supriesed and give her a high rating, which might spell death on Katniss. this is because a common stratagy in th Games is to eliminate those with the highest rating. Soon the games begin, and startled by the sunlight, she realizes she is in a forest habitat, which is another deadly edge for her because she hunts in the forest by her home. There is a boom and they all leap off their deactivated mines, which are a precaution so nobody cheats, and sprint towards a cornicopia. The cornicopia is a golden horn filled with everything from sleeping bags to food to weapons. Katniss origionally goes for the arrows but gets a orange backpack, iodine, a sleeping bag, and some dried food, due to an encounter with deadly, knife throwing Clove. Despite what her mentor Haymitch, a constant drunk due to depression, she avoids teh water, because many people might be already there. Dehydrated, she starts to die from lack of water when she vaugely notices bright green grass and pond lilies, which grow near water. She stumbles into a pond and happily drinks the water, but not after diognosing it with iodine. Suddenly, the forest catches fire and brave Katniss sprints off. When she finally thinks she is safe a fire ball gives her a third degree burn on her calf. She painfully shuffles up a tree. To worsen the situation, the Careers, a pack of tributes from districts 1, 2, and 4, find her and taunt her. Also, to her dismay, her fellow tribute Peeta is with them. Cato and Glimmer try to kill Katniss, but one is too heavy and the other has bad aim with the bow and arrows Katniss wanted. So Peeta suggests that they just wait her out under the tree. As dawn approaches, Katniss awakes and hears Rue through the trees. Rue beckons to a Tracker Jacker nest, which are very dangerous bees, above Katniss. The tribute from District 12 nods and shows Rue what she is about to do, and Rue nods back. Katniss then takes out a knife she took from Clove when she flung it at her and saws at the branch, making it come down on Careers. Glimmer and a girl from District 4 die. Katniss notices the bow and arrows and takes them from Glimmer, having to break her fingers. Then the side - effects of the stings start, which are hallucinations and Peeta sees Katniss and tells her to run. Confused, Katniss runs and falls into a ditch of dead leaves. She wakes up alive but frightened from her hallucinations. She even questions the fact of Peeta telling her to run. Suddenly, a gamemaker announces that two people from the same district, male and female, can win, which causes Katniss to go off and search for Peeta. She deviously acts like she loves him to get support from the viewers. She accidently finds Peeta camoflauged, partly naked, and with an infected cut on his calf from Cato slashing him because of Peeta telling her to run. katniss washes the leg and the rest of his body and tells him to sleep in her sleeping bag. Katniss then notes how Peeta is burning up. She also later saw that Peeta has gained Blood Poisoning. Peeta, trying to act normal, asks Katniss to sleep with him in the bag. When she does, she hears the Game Makers speak again: There is going to be a feast at the Cornicopia, where there is a backpack containing things that everyone needs. The two tributes realize that it will contain a medicine for Peeta's blood poisoning. Peeta begs her not to go, but she does anyways. There, she succeeds in stealing the bag, but Clove knocks her down and threatens to carve up her face with a knife when Thresh, from district 11, comes trampling in and kills Clove with a boulder, because Clove said she was responsible for his friend, Rue's, death. This allows Katniss to escape. She gives Peeta the medicine and he is healed, but Peeta holds a minor grudge against what she did. Suddenly, their water source runs out and they are forced to the lake. There, wolves sabatouge them and Katniss runs off, but Peeta barely is able to limp to the Cornicopia. With Cato, peeta, and Katniss the last tributes, things are getting hot between the enemies. Cato falls of the edge of the Golden Horn and the wolves try and devour him. But what Cato got from the Cornicopia was a bulletproof vest, so he is safe for a few hours, until he comes out of the brawl a bloody mess. Overcome with pity, Katniss shoots him in the eye with her last arrow to keep him out of his misery. Then the Game Makers turn back on their promise, saying Katniss and Peeta have to kill eachother. Deciding they should commit suicide, they are about to when the Game Makers declare them the victors of the Hunger Games. This enrages many and some see it as rebellion against the Capitol. That is the end of Books One, the Book I gave 5 stars to. The Hunger Games!


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