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Review for "It's not love" and "the second time around"

By: IceBreaker

Page 1, Just a review for the stories.

Author's Note: If you read "its not love" and "The second time around" and "Stolen and used" this is unnecesary for you to read. It's just a review I wrote because I was bored lol


The series is telling the story from first person’s perspective. The main character whose life we enters name is Jennacia “Jenna” Renee Robinson. Later her last name is changed to Niles, back to Robinson, and then to Hamilton.

In the beginning of the story of “its not love” Jenna is said to be nineteen.

She’s revealed as a kind of short pale skinned red head with blue eyes.

And her ex husband “Tristan Niles” has said she looked like actress Deborah Ann Woll.

Jennacia Renee Robinson Hamilton

Jenna, age nineteen, has a very wealthy family and she is said to have everything she wants.

Jenna works in a diner “Dean’s Diner” with her best friend, Lindsey Tater who is the mother of a former character in the story: “A rock star’s heart.” This story obviously happened before “A rock star’s heart.”

When Jenna meets Tristan for the first time, she’s completely smitten and immediately falls in love with him.

She knows he’s a prick but continues to fall hard for him.

Once he takes her virginity, she officially wants him involved in her life.

She later finds out about the abduction of her mother when she was sixteen and that the abductor was her dad.

Jenna was upset that not only has her dad raped her mom, but that she was told nineteen years later.

That night, she gets together with Tristan who reveals who his brother is and the readers are now aware that Ronnie from former story “Sex toy” is related to Tristan.

The story skips to two months later when she’s running to the bathroom in pain from when Tristan assaulted her.

He apologizes but she’s not falling for it. When she goes into work the next morning, people are wondering why she’s wearing so much makeup over her eyes.

She tells people “she wants to try something new”

But she’s really hiding the black eye Tristan gave her the night before. She tells Lindsey the truth and Lindsey is furious.

Her dad who she eventually forgives knows differently and is about ready to chop Tristan’s head off for hurting his daughter.

The night after she gets drunk because she hates but also loves Tristan, he shows up to her house and uses sex-because he knows she can’t resist him- to get her back.

The day after, she invites him to her lake house and invites Lindsey who has became angry at Jenna for forgiving Tristan for what he’s done.

Tristan meets, Haley Robinson. Another former main character from the story “stolen and used”

Haley likes Tristan and sees no threat.

(She is later killed by him)

Later, the night they arrive to Jenna’s parent’s lake house, Tristan asks her to move in with him and Jenna accepts.

Later she’s introduced to his friends, Sean Kipser, who is described to be an asshole.

Carl Jacklin who is described as the “whatever happens, happens…” kind of guy.

And last is Nathaniel Hamilton who we later discovers secretly wants Jenna.

They instantly hit it off.

Very soon after, Tristan asks Jenna to marry him and she accepts and tells her parents. Her dad disapproves but she doesn’t care.

After her and Lindsey makes up, they go dress shopping and runs into Tristan’s ex who he talks down on.

Jenna briefly basks in the jealousy his ex has for her.

Soon, they get married and go onto their honeymoon.

After their intense lovemaking, the next morning Jenna goes to look for her birth control pills only to learn they weren’t in her bag.

It was Tristan’s Idea to throw them out and get Jenna pregnant.

She gets mad at Tristan.

The test was negative.

She eventually forgives him though and the story fast forwards into her birthday.

Her, Tristan and his friends go out to a club and Tristan gets irritated when he sees Jenna mostly dancing with Nate.

She’s irritated with his paranoia and she threatens to stay with Lindsey. Tristan threatens her and Sean takes her over to Lindsey’s house.

While there, she spends time with Lindsey and her kids. Alicia Tater (Bethany Borges’s best friend in “a rock star’s heart” And Jonathan Tater who was never mentioned in “a rock star’s heart.”

Tristan than picks Jenna up, and take her somewhere so they can dance to her favorite song and when they get home, they make love again.

The story fast forwards again and Tristan is much more violent and aggressive than before.

Jenna’s dad gave her a gun before she left the lake house and she’s scared she’ll have to use it if Tristan gets out of hand.

We saw how strong Jenna was before and how weak Tristan has made her.

After a trip to the doctor, she has a broken arm and is completely terrified of Tristan.

He just makes her worst and depressed.

After a desperate attempt to escape Tristan, he finds her and repeatedly beats her out in the open outside.

Jenna pulls her rings off and throw them at him indicating she wants out of the marriage

He pulls her into the car and fights with her to get her out.

Then he takes her back home where he rapes her to get her pregnant. She fights him the whole time but finally stops and lets him continue. Afterwards, she stabs him and escapes to pick up Lindsey and her kids and take them to her parent’s house.

Jenna’s dad goes out to look for Tristan and Haley makes the place comfortable for everyone.

While asleep, Jenna hears a gunshot, goes downstairs to see her mother dead.

She realizes Tristan is the culprit and then he shoots her and she winds up in a coma for a couple of months.

When she wakes, the family is happy to see her. The doctor reveals that she was pregnant but in the middle of her coma, she miscarried.

Jenna is upset to hear this but she recovers.

Nate asks her to dinner and she says as long as he isn’t “Batshit crazy” which is what she called Tristan before.

He said he wasn’t and that’s how the present ends.

The story then fast forwards to two years later where it starts off with the words...”You may kiss the bride” It starts off this way to have the readers think its Nate and Jenna getting married but its really Lindsey and her boss getting married.

It is revealed at the wedding that both Lindsey and Jenna are pregnant.

And the story end with Jenna being happy.

Tristan Niles

Tristan Allen Niles (Middle name never revealed in story) was 24 when the novel started and 25 when the novel ends. (He never had a birthday in the novel) When he first meets Jenna, there’s definite attraction but he assumed she’d be just as weak as his ex. But he’s quickly underestimated her when he realizes she’s stronger than he thought.

This fact brings him more attracted to her and he’s more into her than ever.

After taking her virginity, he found himself quite infatuated with the girl and wants to be apart of her life.

He reveals stuff about his ex later in the story.

His dark side comes out, as he expected and he hits her.

She kicks him out of her life.

Her wanting nothing to do with him kills him more than he thought it would.

So he goes back to her house and gets her back by having sex with her although she resisted at first.

He been met Shane but then he also meets Jenna’s mom who is attracted to the young man and she tells Jenna this she Jenna just rolls her eyes because he has the same affect on her as he has on her mom.

Tristan is well aware that he is in Shane’s “hit list” Which could be literal or metaphorical because everyone believes Jenna’s dad is in the mob.

But he does admit that he is apart of it and he only tells this to Jenna.

Tristan was quite repulsed by monogamy although he’s never cheated on his two girlfriends.

He always found Clementine weak and pathetic but never tells why.

After asking her to move in with him,

He shocks Jenna by saying. “I don’t normally do this.” She thinks he’s about to break up with her but instead he proposes.

Throughout the story we see that he’s an aggressive and complicated man.

And that he has problems.

He’s very possessive and protective over Jenna yet he still commands and control Jenna.

He turns Clementine down repeatedly because he loves Jenna.

After he rapes her, he says “Our marriage has taken quite a turn”

And Jenna stabs him.

Jenna runs off and Tristan stays behind.

We read that Jenna hears a gunshot and she finds her mom laying on the floor dead.

We can just assume that she walked in just as Tristan was sneaking in the house.

Judging from the fact that the story says Haley was shot in the back, we can only assume she tried to run before Tristan shot her.

No one may ever really understand why Tristan did this.

Like everyone’s guess, he was just crazy but he said that he “loved Jenna” although he just shot her also a few seconds before.

Tristan doesn’t even have time to turn around when he is killed by Jenna’s dad.

(Date of death was never revealed)

Lindsey Ianeese Tater

The sarcastic sexual blonde that is Jenna’s best friend. Her age was never revealed in the story but it was said more than once that Jenna was around age twelve when she met Lindsey.

They are best friends and Lindsey was the one who convinced Jenna’s boss to give her the job at “Dean’s Diner”.

Lindsey and Dean are said to have been dating for a while before the novel starts. And Lindsey has also developed a huge crush on Jenna’s dad.

Jenna always thought Lindsey was just playing but Lindsey was seriously attracted to Shane.

Lindsey has been brought down by her past abusive relationship with a man named Johnnie who is now in prison for abusing her.

He also raped her to get her pregnant with both Jonathan and Alicia.

Lindsey is brought down multiple times in the story but stays strong even when she finds out about her mother being sick.

Lindsey wants to see Jenna happy and she is excited when she sees Jenna’s reaction to a guy.

Lindsey refers to him as “Sex on a stick”.

That is until she becomes aware of Tristan’s abuse against Jenna.

Lindsey knows Jenna is strong and does not want some rich good looking guy to come and ruin Jenna.

She tries to convince Jenna repeatedly to leave Tristan but gets angry and isolates herself from Jenna when she refuses to.

At some point Jenna tries to bring Tristan and Lindsey together but Lindsey hates him too much and Tristan wants Jenna to himself so they can’t be brought together.

Lindsey becomes unaware that Tristan proposes to Jenna.

He goes over to Lindsey’s house and tell her that he is getting married to Jenna.

The conversation takes a turn and he ends it basically with calling her a “cunt”.

Lindsey’s not affected much by it because she’s been called names her whole life.

Afterwards she goes to visit her ex in prison and tease him about her freedom.

He’s obviously still into her. (By the end of the second novel…he’s still in prison. We don’t know what will happen when he gets out.)

It is revealed in that chapter that he kidnapped her and took her to Vegas and forced her to marry him.

After basically telling her he has plans to rape her again like he did last time to impregnate her with Alicia, she boldly ends their last conversation with: “Watch out, Johnnie. I heard some guys turn gay in prison.”

This is the last conversation they have….that we know of.

Jenna and Lindsey makes up and goes shopping for a wedding dress.

Lindsey is low class while Jenna is high class because of her dad’s money and Tristan’s money.

Jenna buys Lindsey shoes, a dress, and jewelry for the wedding.

Lindsey doesn’t want to spend Tristan’s money because she hates him but does anyway. (She’s not aware that Tristan hurts Jenna when he found out.)

Although she seriously disagrees with their marriage she lets it go on.

But when Jenna tells her and Dean she can’t work at the diner anymore because Tristan said so, Lindsey becomes pissed again.

Her life gets turned upside down really when Jenna comes to knock on her door after she’s been beat and raped by Tristan.

Lindsey knew Tristan was coming after Jenna and that he’ll come to her house so she gathers Alicia and Jonathan and bring them to Jenna’s parents house.

She walks in on Haley’s dead body and Jenna’s unconscious body. And just as Tristan is about to shoot her, Jenna’s dad shoots him.

And Lindsey then stays with Jenna all while she was in a coma.

The epilogue ends with Lindsey and Dean getting married and she is pregnant with her third child.

And her life continues in happiness.

Shane Lee Philips

Shane Lee Phllips. (Middle and last name never revealed in “stolen and used” or “its not love”

His existence started back in “stolen and used” where he has kidnapped a sixteen year old girl and puts her in a house filled with girls who are supposed to please their “masters”

Haley (nickname: Ginger because the color of her hair)- is scared and refuses to be his little “pet”

Shane hates her refusal but admire her for standing up to him even if it was for a few seconds.

He ends up falling in love with her and her with him and by the end of “stolen and used” they have a five year old daughter named Jenna.

Unexpectantly, “its not love” Became a sequel to “Stolen and used.”

Anyway, Shane still had strong lust, love, and desire for Haley in “its not love”

He becomes way more badass in this story. And even more a badass in “The second time around”

He later admits in “its not love” that he still has the house of girls because its an unfortunate secret “family business” that he has no choice but to continue.

Everyone believes that Jenna’s dad has something to do with the mob. Because he has power over the police. Everyone else in the town and carries constant guns and don’t hold back when it comes to a threat.

Jenna asked Shane was he in the mob and he admitted to being close to being the mob leader and that he couldn’t talk about it.

Jenna left it at that and waved off any other comments about her dad being in the mob

by saying she doesn’t know.

Shane is responsible for the death of Jenna’s first husband.

He lost Haley and thought he almost lost Jenna.

(No one was aware that while Jenna was in a coma, Shane repeatedly attempted suicide.)

He accepted Nate as Jenna’s boyfriend in the end.

Sean Kenneth Kipser

30 (Age nor middle name never revealed in story) A real perverted asshole and Jenna’s closest friend in Tristan’s group of friends. Also known as “the therapist” of any fucked up situation. He calls everyone by their last name for no reason.

He, like all of Tristan’s friends, wanted to have sex with Jenna the moment he laid eyes on her. He doesn’t reveal this to her until “the second time around”

Which makes her slightly uncomfortable.

But Sean says that he’s just sees her as “one of the guys now”

Before in “its not love” he only found one flaw with Jenna. Her taste in music. “Weezer” and other “hideous songs” in his opinion, are terrible.

But he went through it.

He’s as sarcastic as Lindsey is and they would have made quite the couple.

No one was aware that Lindsey and Sean actually kissed in “the second time around”

Throughout the story, he’s against monogamy and him and Jenna has a conversation about this.

However, in the third novel, he’s met a French/Russian named Svetlana who he takes a liking to. Or just likes to have sex with. No one really knows.

He likes to make fun of his friends and Jenna. But in the end, everyone loves the hot, sarcastic, perverted, mean, Sean Kipser.

Nathaniel Blake Hamilton Jr.

Age, 29 (Age never revealed.) In “the second time around” we learn that he was in love with Jenna the second he saw her. But in “its not love”, he promised to never act on it because she was madly in love with Tristan.

Nate is as good looking as the rest of Tristan’s friends and is the “sweetheart” of the group.

(Flaw: In “its not love” Nate’s eyes are said to be brown but in “The second time around” they were said to be gray.)

Anyway, he is obsessed with the band, “Blink 182” and wants to get Jenna into it. Sean secretly becomes annoyed when Nate tries to get close to Jenna after Tristan’s death.

But its only because he wanted to have sex with Jenna and knew he couldn’t if she’s with Nate.

Nate is sweet, and alluring and somewhat of a dork of the group. He admitted to liking the “swing of Jenna’s pony tail” when she walks away.

Jenna is pregnant with Nate’s baby by the end of the novel.

(They think its only one because she’s only a month pregnant at the time.)

Clementine Analise Boyer

Clementine Boyer, age, 20 (age, nor middle name never revealed in either story.) In “its not love” she is the jealous ex that is secretly envious towards Jenna and she also owns a bridal store.

But in the “second time around”, she becomes crazy obsessed with getting revenge on Jenna after she learns that Tristan is dead she was still madly in love with him after she left him and even more when she learned about his death.

Her mother (Balie Boyer) Who later is revealed as Jenna’s mother’s twin sister, tells that Clementine is her daughter and she has schizophrenia. Jenna now understands why Clementine has gone crazy and a secret clue is after Clementine capture Jenna, She tells Jenna she hasn’t taken her meds since she found out about Tristan which was months ago.

Clementine planned it all out and even planned to kill herself at the end.

(she shot herself in the head after shooting Jenna in the arm.)


The story is the second story in the “Love and pain series.” Which contains Stolen and used, Its not love, and the second time around. Called the “love and pain series because that’s what happened in all three novels.

The second time around…..

The story is much shorter and less drama than in “its not love.”

The story completely revolves around Jenna and Tristan’s ex, Clementine, who Jenna later finds out is her cousin.

Four years after Tristan dies, Jenna finds herself happy with her twins and Nate.

But Tristan’s ex becomes a threat when she learns four years later of Tristan’s death. She automatically blames Jenna and makes threats and cause destruction in Jenna’s property. Involving: burning her house down, ruining her Audi, and kidnapping her twins.

Jenna gets revenge all while pregnant with Ana Leigh Robinson Hamilton.

After Clementine kills herself after telling Jenna about why she really left Tristan- (Clementine reveals that she was afraid to tell Tristan about her pregnancy and they began arguing and he pushed her down the stairs and she was even more afraid to tell about the miscarriage.)

After her and Jenna have a heated discussion, Clementine shoots Jenna in the arm and then shoots herself.

Jenna’s water breaks and she’s panicked and pushing but she passes out from the loss of blood.

She finds herself in the hospital next and her baby is premature but healthy enough.

Nate proposes ad they’re happy after the horrible encounter.

The epilogue is Christmas day and everyone is happy.

And that’s how it ends.

Something I noticed….is that in “The second time around”, Nate kind of changed.


Note from author:

I enjoyed writing this story. I’ll admit that I should have made “The second time around” longer and better but it was so much so I should have waited.

I’ve compared and contrasted “its not love” to “sex toy” repeatedly.

Alex- was an evil son of a bitch. Killed his girlfriend because of the pregnancy. Raped Leah in front of Ronnie and in front of his friends. Raped his sister and attempted to kill Leah.

Tristan-Broke Jenna’s arm. Made her depressed. Trying to force her pregnancy. Raped her. Killed her mom and her mom’s unborn child. Tried to kill Jenna and ended up killing her unborn child.

Who’s worse?????

I still don’t know.

This story was quite fucked up. It’s my favorite story I wrote.

I know before I said that Love and Pain was a trilogy but its actually a series.

Love and pain series:

Sex Toy, Stolen and used, The lust inside of me, Its not love, The second time around, A rock star’s heart, A rock star’s heart part 2

Obviously called love and pain series because that’s what every character goes through.

(Sex kitten is not involved because it was said in “its not love” that “sex kitten” was a fictional story that Jenna wrote)

(Also, because of time and age, technically, It’s not love came before A rock star’s heart but was written afterwards.)

Thank you for reading the review I wrote because I was just bored lol

Needed a short break from writing chapters and decided to write a review because truthfully, I don’t want to be done about telling stories about Jenna and everyone else because I love her.

She’s pretty, rich, sweet, strong, sarcastic, funny. I just like her.

My other main chick characters in other stories, I made weaker and not really as rich and I regret it.

I was thinking at first that I’d make Jenna weak but then I remembered who her dad was.

Haley a.ka. Ginger (R.I.P) had a weak personality but Shane had a strong one and he outshines her personality and that’s why Jenna is so strong.)

Thank you for reading.

Until next time……..


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