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Twilight Evaluation

Book review By: janeee25

Lots of vampires and love.

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If you are looking for an exciting vampire romance novel to read, I'm sure you will be captivated by Twilight. This story, by Stephenie Meyer, exceeds in so many areas it was a real challenge to cut it down to just three things. Bella Swan moves to a small town called Forks. In which, she meets a strange family called 'The Cullens'. But one certain Cullen strikes her eye, Edward. She finds out that they are vampires. Now Edward Cullen is in the fight to save Bella from the dangers she is involved in. She ends up almost dying but Edward saves her form the evil vampire, James. People who enjoy vampire love stories would be thrilled with Twilight because of its appropriate irony, exquisite description, and believable dialogue.
First of all, people would enjoy the book Twilight because of its appropriate irony. It has good irony because there was not too much of it making the book not fun to read. Also there wasn't to little to where the book wasn't realistic. It had very good situational irony. For instance on page 316 it says, "I'm not afraid of them," I explained. "I'm afraid they wont like me." This is situational irony because you would expect her to be afraid of going into a house of vampires, and wouldn't expect her to be worried about if they liked her or not. This along with a fair amount of other ironic situations makes Twilight an interesting read for those who love vampire novels.
Secondly, I know the readers would enjoy this book because of its exquisite description. The author of the book did a splendid job on describing every little aspect of the book, for example the character and setting. For example, page 260 says, " His skin, white despite the faint flush from yesterday's hunting trip, sparkled like thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface." This is superb description because I can imagine what he looks like if I were directly looking at him. Another way you can tell the book has good description is how the author describes the meadow. "The sun was directly over head, filling the circle with a haze of buttery sunshine. I walked slowly, awestruck, through the soft grass, swaying flowers, and warm, gilded air, as it says on page 259" This is excellent description because I feel like I am in the meadow with them. These great quotes clearly prove that there is exceptional description throughout the book.
Thirdly, I know people will go crazy over this book because of its believable dialogue. The dialogue is so great in this story it makes you feel like they were talking directly to you. An example of this can be found on page 25 when it says,
"Are you Isabella Swan?"
"Bella." I corrected him.
"I'm Mike"
"Hi Mike"
"Do you need any help finding your next class?"
This is believable because it sounds like something that I would say if someone were new at my school. Because of this dialogue and so much more throughout the book, this shows that there is true conversation on every page.
Readers who take pleasure in vampire romance novels would be delighted with Twilight because of its fitting irony, superb description, and realistic dialogue. Through out Twilight there is just the right amount of situational irony, which makes the book fun to read. The writer did an excellent job on the novel's description by bringing every feature to life, such as, the characters and setting. The dialogue is so remarkable in this book because of how it makes the reader feel like a character with in the book. So next time you want to find a great love story to be captivated by, pick up Twilight and I'm sure once you start it, you won't be able to stop.


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