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Lust, Love and Lies

Book review By: Romano

an epilogue for a dear friend, i wrote this for her and wish her the best in all she does. the title is from her book, look out for it soon

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A connection must be made in some part. A spark of some kind was marked and triggered. Messages had to be sent and received, misconception to deception was ordained. Lies and murmured fascinations of fantasies filled with ecstasy were created. Lips that utter cavity spoken words and heart desires of affection filled with flirtatious herbs, aroma scented eyes of glaze smoke screen cranium a maze. Luscious jumps of every muscle being tantalized by movement from the hips. This is what's known as lust, the first time you see that person that just gets your heart to racing and a feeling of "I must know, how I feel". Reality is over shadowed by text messages and rings from a love you now have that you wish to let go. Mood cast dreary and dry, cold from a soul that shallows any eye. Over powered by steamy walls of lust, my muscles crave for this touch. I long to be caressed by hands I dare to know, in touch with a mind for only a moment I shall call my own. To feel breaths of passionate air curve my neck and to my ear as I indulge in pleasurable sex. For this I know I am wrong, yet my body cries for ecstasy once known. For just a moment to feel love or in that moment trick my mind in to feeling it is love. This feeling last no longer than fifteen to twenty minutes yet to parts of my sinful soul those minutes are captivated into feelings of hours that soon after I long for more. Just in that moment alone my mind has fallen, my heart capered into believing its more than just a fling this thing. If I sit back and think this thing the fling is just as my past. I am tricked into believing that a moment of sheer pleasure is the answer just because it feels good, yet if I sit back and collect my evidence of which I need to investigate it's just as my present situation. The beginning of any fling is all the same, no soulful connection, just two people trying to get laid and feel each other's skin. I have a history of allowing myself to endure painful relationships that I create from a touch of sinful taste. To my present issue, because I am fed up and upset I move too swift to ask or think, now this fling troubles in my mind it creates. Emotional stress in my brain with confusing thoughts, now I want to end my present and keep this thing my fling. Troubled by thoughts of love and new found connection that I overlook as love; which do I choose. Love or love thought to be loved. I am bewildered by my emotions to captivate a heart flush with rings of dust over-clouded by shadows of down pours from an angle. As Lot's wife do I return and have this unknown passion from afar yet close hinder my success or move forward and open my eyes and be bless. My soul is willing yet a flesh deeply weak, craving and longing for words from a mouth that won't allow a heart to speak. My lies continue to hinder me as my reality is steadily crushing me. Dare I open a conversation between my past and my present and endanger my dim future?
Love hurts, especially when you are deeply in love with someone and your heart gets walk on. Once I gather myself and get a chance to pick up my heart and collect each piece that was shattered, I will mend it back together and stitch it up with Teflon and pour acid over the wounds so that the next time I endure pain it won't hurt as bad. I don't want to show weakness nor have my heart that was picked to pieces ripped from the cavity of my ribs. I won't judge you by my last encounter with Venus; I will boldly go where I desire to go and long to go because I cherish that. My heart will bear acid stains and razor scratches of war wounds from desert winds. I will military crawl full of blood to a safe zone, re-patch and get back in the war zone for mortal combat. I will lift myself from disparity and misery and rightfully claim my stance and compose myself with rooted foundations of passion and love. My inner beauty will shine through my pain and agony, when you see me you see fire and desire and wealth unknown. Your heart will envy and desire, your soul shall long for. For as I aim my weapon of destruction toward the in-a-me and battle evil spirits, I shall stand firm, I will lift my flag from struggles of indirect turns and paths to say "I am that I am through him that bless me"


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