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The Percy Jackson/ Heroes Of Olympus book review

By: Thegingerbookworm

Page 1, This is a book review about my favourite books! Fan me if you can\'t wait for the Mark Of Athena to come out!!! :D

The Percy Jackson series is about a teenage boy called Pery Jackson (hence the book title name...) who discovers his father is the Greek God Posideon. Percy is later taken to a camp for young Demi-Gods called Camp Half-Blood by is ever faithful Satyr, Grover. Percy then meets up with daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase, together all three of them embark on a perilous journey, battling monsters, solving riddles and having a laugh along the way. But when Percy goes missing, The Heroes Of Olympus brings us new characters and adventures to unearth the mystery behind his dissaperance. Jason, Piper and Leo are the ones to help Annabeth find Percy and Hazel and Frank are the ones to help Percy find Annabeth. But the Godess of Mother Earth, Gaia, is determined to keep them apart! But the tale doesn't end yet...on the 2nd of October the new Rick Rioradn book 'The Mark Of Athena' will be released!!! Will we get the Percabeth reunion we've been waiting for? Will Hazel and Frank stay together? Will Piper and Jason stay together...or will Regina have a hissy fit? And will Octavian ever stop being a crazy weirdo that rips the stuffing out of teddy bears? Answer these questions yourself in a comment! Fan me if you're mad about Percy Jackson! Fan me if you like my work! :D xxxx

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