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moms thought

Essay By: makingo

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Music blasted from Sage's room as I walked into the kitchen where my parents and Sage's now were.
"Hey honey, why aren't you with Sage?" My mother greeted as I took a sit next to her.
"Uh…Sage kind of kicked me out of her room."
Sage's mother shook her head; she was obviously very upset over her daughter's actions.
I smirked. Her parents were probably very unpleased with Sage at the moment. I wonder how much shit she would get in with them later on.
"That girl, she's very stubborn." Her mom muttered.
Her dad's fists were balled up, his knuckles almost turning white. I could tell he was holding in his anger and probably trying to keep himself from going and yelling at Sage.
I personally would love to see that. This girl needs to really be straightened out. Who the hell does she think she is anyway?
"We are so sorry about Sage; she will come around…eventually. It's all pretty new to her." Sage's dad said slowly, taking in a breath.
My mother, being the person that wanted to make everyone comfortable faked a laugh. "Oh don't worry about it, it's completely understandable." Patting me knee under the table, she continued. "I'm just happy that Nate isn't giving us trouble. At least both of them aren't rebelling. Now that wouldn't be too good."
I tried very hard not to roll my eyes at that, but failed, earning a nasty look from my dad. Well…they knew I wasn't going to "rebel". I wasn't like my sister.
I didn't want to let my parents down, as much as my selfishness would tell me I did.

"Uh... yea, what my mom said." I nodded.
Mrs. Phillips smiled and then grimaced. "That girl and her music, how rude." She shook her head, and then yelled. "Sage honey! Turn down that music and come downstairs. It's rude - we have guests over you know!"
I smirked when a very grumpy Sage appeared at the doorway of the kitchen, gliding over to the fridge without even looking at any of us. "What." Came out of her mouth as she opened the fridge and popped open a can of Root Beer.
"Well," My dad chirped in, "We've decided that it's best if you come over to our house, and live with us from now. You don't have a problem with that do you?"
I looked back to Sage, just waiting for her outburst. But it never came. She just stared blankly ahead at something and gulped down her drink like no one was talking.
Her dad shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "Sage, are you listening?"
Oh man, he is pissed at her.
"Huh? Oh yeah, whatever." That is what she said. She has got to be kidding me. I really thought I was in for a show.
Now if I was surprised, you could have guessed what the reactions of the adults were. They were looking from one to another, probably think the same thing; what happened to the stubborn Sage?
I think this is my queue to jump in and help my future hot bride. "Well hot stuff, I'll come and help you pack then." She stood frozen while I struggled to push in my chair.
And then came the outburst I was waiting for. "WHAT! THE! BEEP! ARE! YOU! TALKING! ABOUT!" She yelled, furiously. My parent's picked a real lady.
I couldn't help but laugh at that, as I looked to my parents. "You guys got a crazy one? What does she have…short term memory loss or something?" Like honestly, does she not remember what my mother just told her? I made my way to her, being nice and re-informing her about the plans. "My dad just said that you would be living with us…and you said whatever Sage. Are you okay or what?"
It took a second for her to register my words in her brain. "You have got to be kidding me." Huh…that came out calmer than I'd expected.
What a bimbo. "A, a, a DURR! Wake up." I couldn't help but laugh again, being around this girl would be fun. She's so dumb. I wrapped my hands around her waist, bugging her even more. "Come on, we are leaving soon so you have to start packing." I explained, guiding Sage out of the kitchen.
She didn't do anything to resist, she just followed me numbly as I led her up the stairs.
Well…nothing good lasts for too long. She snapped backed to her normal senses and shot out of my grip, yelling me to let go of her like I was some rapist or something. God, some people are just harsh. I watched as she ran up the remainder of the steps and slammed the door to her room once she was inside.
I sighed as I walked back downstairs. Was I too ugly for her or something? I didn't think so…but then again people have different standards.
…who am I kidding? We are perfect for each other. She is gorgeous and I'm dashing.
Perfect match.
Now all we need to do is work on that damn personality of hers.
"NATHANIAL! GET YOUR SLEAZY ASS UP TO MY DAMN ROOM THIS INSTANT!" I groaned. I just sat down for heaven's sake.
Ugh, don't want to make the bitch angrier do we now? I took my time going up the stairs, because I felt like it. "Yeah, what?" I asked, stepping into her room.
Oh, someone is mad. She's crossing her arms at me. "Where the hell do you live you cow?" Oh..and she's glaring too.
Wait a minute…cow. I'm not going to lose that am I? Cow though? Where does she get cow from? This girl is ridiculously cute in a weird way man.
"Cow? That's really nice Sage."
"Answer me damn it." She growled, hitting me lightly over the head.
Oh okay, so she likes violence.
I wonder if she likes violence in the bed. Or if she likes to dominate.
Hmm…we'll have to see tonight.
"Just two hours or so away from here. Why does it matter?" It wasn't like it made a difference. She wouldn't be living there for a long time anyways.
To England we would go after the wedding.
I wonder who's going to be the poor person to tell her that. She is going to jump off a cliff.
"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO TO SCHOOL HERE IF I LIVE FREAKING 2 HOURS AWAY FROM IT." She screamed, going completely ballistic.
"You are going to go where I go. Same school…we get to spend a lot of time together." I smiled, stepping closer to her. I wonder if she'll like the fact that it's an all guys' school. Oh man, her face will be priceless.
Sage glared, taking a step away from me. What was wrong with her? Maybe she was a lesbian.
Holy shit that would make SO MUCH sense. Hmm… that's kind of hot.
"Hell no, that's it. I am not going anywhere." She stomped all the way to her bed, grabbing her phone forcefully and dialing a number. "Dude, I'm going to kill myself." She stated all of a sudden.
Whoever she was calling answered, and then Sage rolled her eyes. "Not literally idiot." Wow... who is she calling idiot? I felt my phone vibrate.
Hey bro. A bitch, eh? That sucks. But listen, you can always do what I did. Love you.
I sighed. She just didn't understand. Did she not understand how much she hurt mom and dad when she left like that?
But still…you know what's happening here? Well guess what, I'm going to start World War III because they want me to move in with this cow named Nate, or AKA my future husband." Sage complained to whoever she was talking to.
I texted Shailyn back.
Yes, but a hot one, remember that. And no, I'm not doing what you did. You know I could never do that.
I was going to be king soon, not another child that my parents pretend wasn't born.


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