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If i were a tree

Essay By: A winged soul

Its the thing which i wrote in a competition titled "if i were a tree".

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Many of the people would say that "If I were a butterfly "and so on. These topics are also unique and grasping but the topic which awakens the soul inside and is way too different and also a bit touchy is "if I was a tree "and am very proud to have taken part in this essay competition.

As a tree

I will always love to be a wild growing tree in a dense forest where I will not be pestered by any noise or smoke pollution .I will let my branches spread wide in north, south, east and west directions .I'll decorate myself with my fruits, so that people like my glamour and young girl's will want to take photos near me. I'll be a useful agent which brings the precious rain and a wide smile in the faces of the poor farmers. If people don't care to mind me and forget me, all I do is think that they are losers who are just so lazy to admire the nature which gives them all the benefits to lead a beautiful life.

A tree's revenge and love

Most probably if I were a tree I will not just look at this lousy avocation, I'll just spring from my state and teach them all a good lesson on how to respect me .This last statement might look way too rude for many people but the truth is people {like me} don't realize their value and cut these trees down and construct buildings there. If I ever get an opportunity to be a tree , right from the beginning I 'l try to change this .Always I have wondered if the supernatural things are real means why did these trees did not possess that power ,so that they can show their power .All till now I have said that if I were a tree I would be growing in a dense forest where I will not be cut away and can lead a safe and secure life .But I have a very cute second option that if there is something called rebirth I will beg that good lord to give me the life of an tree and that I would be planted in my school . For I have always admired the trees in my school surrounding and the way they just give us shade and such things.

Even though some of the children carve their names in my trunk ,I will just feel the pain for a minute but it also shows their love towards me and they'll be always etched in my memories till the day I lose my life .

Slender trees

Some of the people will think that being a tree is sometimes risky for the slender drumstick tree will lose its life if a storm makes its way into the certain part. Its just so depressing that nowadays plants are some what treated by some people .In the days of yore many people were keen that they should not even hurt a single weed .But today some of the youngsters of my age are stamping or crushing them for their personal fun. If I were a tree I will think to fasten them with my root hair like the way our mom and dad used to ground us for some mistake.

My aim

If I were a tree I will be keen to produce the best fruits or vegetables that people will ever taste and I would like to be treated with natural manure and not the chemical fertilizers .I will like to help people by giving them a place to shelter in hot and sunny whether. If I were a coconut tree I will produce the best tender coconuts and if I were a mango tree I will produce the best variety of mango's and I will try to give my best always .I will be very keen In producing good edible products .


I'll bring pride to my country and I'll also be aiming to become the national tree of some country on a pleasant day .I'll love to be planted near the sea shore so that the sweet drops of the sea water will touch me and cool off my temper on a irritating hot or on a autumn day when my leaves start to wither away. . I'll let young children climb on my wee branches and play different sort of games and I will talk to the tree in my vicinity using my woooshy-booshy airy swings .And the day when my life which was granted by the good lord ends I'll like to die in a heavy storm and when I die some popular director will be recording the sound of my fall so that he could use it in his next movie for the reality of the storm effects. These are the things I would like to do if I were a tree.


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