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Samantha Brick: Letter in Response

Essay By: Archana Shah

I'm sure you know of the notorious Samantha Brick article. This is my letter in response

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~~Samantha Brick
Daily Mail
2 Derry Street
W8 5TT
To Samantha Brick,
I am writing to express my thoughts and perspective in response to your recent article entitled "Why Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful..." as presented in the daily mail. Your notorious article insinuates that we live in a patriarchal society and therefore women are treated like an object that is not independent and needs to constantly be treated to favours.
I applaud you for your undeniable confidence and the fact that you are so content with your life. However, in your article you are not modest in any aspect, contrary to this, you are arrogant and therefore you are deluded to assume "women hate you for your looks." Furthermore your ego has made you lulled into believing that people have the wrong perspective of you. Moreover, you claim that men frequently buy you bottles of wine or bubbly and that you were once presented with a bunch of flowers. I hope you realise that walking around Portobello Road, it is considered common courtesy to be presented with these simple pleasantries of flowers. The men that you may perceive as "well-dressed" or "charming" are of your opinion only, moreover you state that your "pleasing appearance and pretty smile" make men give these gifts to you; have you considered that these men may simply be flirtatious and you are therefore mistaking their generosity? Perhaps the fault is yours for not stopping these men and not the women who you think judge you.
In addition, you frequently contradict yourself in this article for example towards the end of your article you state that you "welcome the decline of my looks" however at the start you comment on the fact that you work on your looks, "I don't drink or smoke, I work out, even when I don't feel like it." This immediately makes us think that you can't even make a clear opinion in your article these contradictions automatically defeats your arguments. Do you want to let go of your looks or not? Similarly you state that "it wasn't a surprise, at least not for me" when receiving these numerous gifts; but later you go on to question why you deserve such treatment. Could it not be because the human kind is simply a generous race? Not only are their many contradictions to the atrocity of your article, but the underlying tone of your article is contrived. You seemed to thrive at the opportunity of getting a public reaction because you cannot say that you did not expect to have such a massive response after the article you wrote.
Your entire article is a mass generalisation. Throughout the whole of your article you do not remain objective and as an aspiring journalist I am utterly appalled at your subjective tone and your criticizing demeanour. I find it conceited that your article makes the reader form a hatred opinion yet you say that "if you are a woman reading this, I'd hazard that you've already formed your own opinion." Furthermore this major generalisation has nothing to do with feminism and frankly this article is a disgrace to all the REAL feminists. Your accusations that all the women are jealous of your stunning looks are mediocre and most of your points only implying how massive your ego is. Admittedly, our immediate reaction of you is negative but that is not because we are judgemental of your appearance but we are actually criticizing your tone. However, I cannot help but acknowledge the infuriating feeling that there might be readers out there that actually agree with the monstrosity of this article or worse see you an example of 'women.' The danger of this being that the mindless idiocy you put forth in the numerous articles might be permitted, and that your cruel treatment of sensitive topics such as female objectification might affect more impressionable readers, or that all we women might be tarred with the same idea you have conned yourself with over the past few years.
I find it difficult to believe that you think you are an exemplar female critic because the only people you seem to be criticizing are females. You have not enhanced our understanding of gender differences and social constructs. Nor have you become a martyr for the modern woman in an act of liberation. At the end of your article, you write in a desperate plea in an attempt to show women the true horrors of being good- looking "Perhaps then the sisterhood will finally stop judging me so harshly on what I look like, and instead accept me for who I am". Perhaps you should stop letting men dictate your looks to the "sisterhood" and reject those gifts from men and express yourself to society as a person, not a shallow image of mere conventional "beauty". Thereby acting more like the feminist you so desire.
Women do not hate you because of your beauty - your sheer lack of modesty and undeniable arrogance is the only thing that actually causes hatred.
Yours sincerely,
Archana Shah (Student)


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