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I need honest opinions please!!

Essay By: Behindblueyes

This entry is a brainstorm of mine for an upcoming school assignment. I am to write a 25-50pg article on a certain area of my major, and our techer stated that the goal is to keep the reader interested most importantly, and secondly facts must be legit (my facts are legit, I just want to know if this subject will keep you reading on or if its just too lame). I am a huge nerd so I find things like this facinating lol so please be honest. I am a first year psychoneurology/neuropshycology (tomato tamato) major aiming to achieve my phd a few years down the road, the subject I chose to write about is neurophycological brain patters and how they affect everything we precieve and believe to be reality.

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Kept it short. skipped my introduction because you guys dont care to hear it lol.

I would like today, to elucidate the concept of altering neurophycological patters for the alleviation of neural diseases, and potentially to aggrandize IQ's of patients. The moment our brains constitue electrical activity (in which case we are still in our pre-natal stage of development) these patters start developing. The commencement of the patters shed light on everything we know as the world around us today (yes everything all sences our personality our behavior our IQ certain diseases). I, however, will mostly focus on the consanguinity associating disease, normal thought process, and extreme intellegeance in this report.

The idea of altering a neuropychcological pattern has been debated for quite some time. Recently, scientist and neurosurgeons seem to be approaching the day they will accomplish this procedure. The main objective and concept in altering the brains most fundemental properties is the idea that if thses patters were to be shifted in ones brain it would be equivelent to a paradigm effect that changed the world (ex. The invention of electricity send the world forward into a technology era that reconstucted everything anyone ever knew prior. So therefore, the invention of electricity changed the world. The idea is much the same just on a smaller scale inside of the human brain). If a paradigm shift can be achieved in the human brian, it will offer the human race an exceptional way of thinking that they never thought possible. The procedure, if done correct can raise ones IQ, so post procedure the patient will wake up with a newfound itellegence and a way of thinking that causes them to precieve the world in an entirley new light. Picture your brain as if it were a switchboard, and neourotransmitters (endrogenous chemicals which transmit signals from a neuron to a target cell across a synapse.)are the plugs. Your neurotransmitters are always looking for a perfect fit in the switchboard, and when achieved this is how a new idea is created. In persons with higher IQ's it has been found that they produce greater quantities of neuotransmitters and more avalible spots in there switchboard, concluding that the there thought process is much clearer and fabrication of new ideas is vast.

Many say there is a fine line between the highly intellegent and the mentally insane, the study of neuropyhcologial patters proved this thorem does not scew to far from lagitamacy. Brain conducted patters of a schizophrenic are found to have an over abundance or duality of information, which is what causes halucination. Persons with extremley high intellegence levels allot this same feature however alternativly unlinke the schizophenic, an intellectually inclined person processes the over abundance of information into thoughs and ideas ( this is a theory as to why extremley smart people are anti-social. Its simply because inside there mind there is always so much going on there is no need to outside amusment/stimulation). Anyhow, in a similiar yet slightly different procedure there is potentially a good outlook that schizophrenia may also be curable by altering patterns

ook ok so tell me what you think so far of the idea, there are various other diseases and examples on how they cane be cured with this concept of altering the very basic fundemantals of how our brain processes information this is a shortened version of what my first three pages will be about. Unfortunatley I am tired and need sleep. So tell me are you interested or pick an alternate topic? Keep in mind this is not how my paper will read. It will be put together with better grammer and vocabulary, I wanted to just throw the idea at some people and get some feedback, also keep it simple and readable for the general public. If you feel you are interested in this concept and want to read an article that relates to this idea I suggest reading. http://brain.oxfordjournals.org/content/122/12/2413.2.full may bit a bit of a challenging read for most but get a thesaurus and get through it!! If this is perfected and works it could potentially change the world as we know it.


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