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Dear Diary - Social Tree

Essay By: Carina Lea

Tags: Social, Diary

Here is an entry I wrote awhile ago, trying to cope with why people treated me the way they did.

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Dear Diary
Why does everyone have to be so judgmental, it's like we're all living in this wheel and you have to look and dress a certain way and hang out with the certain people to be the "middle of the wheel", aka-fitting in or the so called "judge". The judge is the person who decides if you fit in or not. Our society today is very judgmental and unfortunately for those who aren't in the "judgmental society" they tend to be the ones who aren't rewarded for being the better person. Instead they are continuously made fun of or hurt emotionally by the "judgmental" people. There are so many girls at school who have fallen into that "judgmental society" and they think they are the greatest people in the world, like the world revolves around their group of friends and themselves. What I don't understand is why they decide to "judge" a certain person and make their life all together an emotional nightmare. Unfortunately I have to be one of those girls whose lives are emotional nightmares. I wish that all those girls that sit at the front table in homeroom would just take a second glance at me and see me for the person I am. Not how I dress, who I hang out with, what I look like or what activities I do, but for once be noticed for who I am. It's like running around that wheel over and over again. That wheel that I or other people are running around in is the judgmental people. It's like they are seeing who runs the fastest (who keeps up socially) and who ever is the fastest is allowed in the "center of the wheel". This is our problem right here, every girl has ran around that wheel, but once they make it into that center they don't take one glance at you for who you are they look at how you look. It's all about the look to them, but to your true friends, it's about who you are that matters. I don't care that I'm made fun of because I ride horses, or I don't wear makeup. I don't care if my friends are fat or skinny. What I care about is that I am not judged at because I just don't qualify for their social standards. It's because of these people that bring out the pressure on girls. But I guess that's they way it's always going to be, an emotional judgmental circle of life.


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