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what is Friendship (Essay)

Essay By: Jenna 101

a short Essay on what friendship is.

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No one knows the exact definition of "Friendship"; however they do have their own way to tell if they have a friend. There are different kids of friends , the is the "say hi to in the hall" friend of the "talk about the weather" friend. but the friend i want to talk to you about is the kind of friendshipwho you can to about anything and who you go to when you're upset. "Best" friends if you will.

People say that finding a "Best" friend is hard. They are right. All through life you will come across people that are not so good for you. For instance, what if the "friend" was pressuring you into doing somthing you dont want to do? you should first try and talk to them and explain to them that you do not appreciate they have been treating you. If it does not stop, then they are not worth your time

Pressuring can work both ways. Your friend can be pressuring you NOT to do somthing that you want to do, but what you want to do wont hurt you. For example, i was telling my friend that i was thinking about joining a school team and it was the team that she was on. She quickly texted my other friend and would not tell me what it said. But i saw part of the text and what i saw was my name and the team i wanted to join. Naturally i got a little self conscious. After a couple of minutes of trying to get whatever the texted said out of her , she told me that if i joind the team she would be left out because of my bubbly personality.I told that i would not going to join the team, because i diddnt want that to happen. As a result i am not going to do what i wanted in the first place, because she pressured me in to doing somthing she wanted , NOT what i wanted.

Most people are not like my friend, if they did somthing to upset you and they diddnt know it, you should tell them. But you should also remember that people are not always perfect, and there always going to be somthing that irritates you about them, but dont give up on them. you need to stick by them , because they need you, and you know you need them as well. You are just going to have to forget thoughs little annoying bits about your frind and BE a friend yourself.

Telivision and Movies tend to sterio type friends and their relationships. The writes make you think that you will always find the perfect friend, one that listens to you and cares about what you say. They have no flaws within them. In reality that would be great. But you can never have that perfect friend and you may find that you are not perfect yourself. There are always going to be flaws. It may not be a big flaw, but because you are friends and care about each other, you will over look the tiny issues. Its not worth sacrificing the frendship over the minor detailes.

Because of these sterio typed friendships, we have higher expectations to make our friendships the same.When we disagree with our friends we want everything to be solved in half an hour. In reality when we disagree we dont have a script to tell us what to say or what the other person is going to say, so our emotionsget the better of us and we end up yelling. Not solving anything. True friends realize that this is not a prstical way of solveing the problem and find a reasonable way to talk about their differences and accept each other for whothey are.

A friend is someone who you can relate to and can rely on, and who can rely on you. A friend is someone who you can tell everything to. If you're lucky enough they might trust you enough to confide in you too. Everybody knows the says " Treat other the way you want to be treated", so if you are open and sincere about things, there is a great chance that they will share their thought with you also.

I thought i had a friend who i could rely on, but through past expieriences i had the chance to see my "Friend" for who she really was. she was jelous that i had won a award and anonymously (though i found out quickly) posted some insulting comments on my Facebook , claiming that i only won because i had surgery and they felt sorry for me and told me that i diserved to die. as she was insulting me , she wastalking tome through Facebook chat, telling me how great my dress looked. When i realized it was her, i felt dumb for believing my so called "Friend" was really a friend.

You should know that a friendship does not grow over night,it takes time to develop. You just need to be supportive and be there for the other person when they need you. Everyone needs someone. Friends are stress releivers and they dont judge you. they see you as YOU and nothing more. Friends are people who you should hold onto for a long time. Just be sure you choose wisley who your friends are.


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