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Time Will Fix

By: Juggernaut

Page 1, To solve serious and chronic problems, Juggernaut has a solution: time will fix.


Time Will Fix

Subba Rao


          “Time will fix, time will fix everything” Juggernaut was talking to himself rather loudly at his desk situated in a dark corner diagonally opposite to Dan’s monster desk facing the large window.

          “Time will fix what?” inquired Dan standing next to his desk appears more like storage space with stockpiles of documents.

          “Time will fix everything.”


          “Some diseases heal with time with no treatment at all.” “Grief, money and marital problems melt away with time.”  “Problems left alone are solved through natural process that takes time; like forest fires, floods, inflation, recovery of an endangered species, jobless rate etc.” “This is not just my observation, it is time tested phenomenon.”

          “So, this is your advice to Mr. Bernanke to solve our financial problems then?” Dan looked at Juggernaut for a response.

          “Yes, I would say to Chairman Bernanke to ignore all the economic indicators; sit tight and do nothing; those 15 million unemployed would get used to do nothing and live cheap; the housing market will stabilize over the next 5 to 6 years and that’s how time will fix the economy.”

          “How about more serious chronic problems with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, foreign debt etc.,” said Dan spinning his left hand like a cricket bowler throwing  the ball using only fingers to get top spin to confuse the batsman at the crease.

          “Politicians on both side of the isle will do nothing to fix any of those problems; over a period of time, these programs die a natural death with lack of funding and nobody would be responsible then.” “Whether anybody noticed it or not, most countries in South America turned democratic from autocratic rule over the last 2 decades with no outside interference; only the time took care of it.” “Now the people in the Middle East were turning against their own rulers to free themselves.” “Middle class India fed up with political and bureaucratic malpractice galvanized around a humble old man to deal head-on with corruption; it took that long for time to do it.”

          “You may be right you know; time is like ocean of water or earth’s stratosphere to absorb any problem; I am with you on this,” Dan looked at Juggernaut with condescending broad smile.

          Juggernaut with both hands clamping his head down and elbows well grounded on the desk went back to his thoughts milling out from his restless brain.

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