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Lifee and stuff . etc . Randoom :P

By: katelynnwoodward

Page 1, Just random topics . THE TRUTH <33 too me . (please no rude comments )

I used to think lifee was fair . Hahaa its NOTING fair . Some people get too go to disney land and have moneey to blow and dont even care . While the little poor kids in africa starving to death and working so hard not for money but for a mouthful of water or a Bite of rice . Its not just in africa its here ! its EVERYWHERE ... They can spend over a billon dollars on a comercial about starving kids.. but cant help feed them ?Hahaa they make me sick . People are trying so hard to feed there kids or husbands or have medication to pay for and they have to worry about where to spend money . I know there are some famous or rich people helping and im soo thankful for that . Alot of people hate there lifees .. wish they were dead because they dont get what they want .. They shuld try their life .>.< . Kids shouldnt worry about there future until theyre atleast in middle school. theyre suppose to have fun , play with friends , drink orannge juice and water . Not working . I dont think we should blame god .. just think about it theyre soooo many people in the world hes helped and its probably hard to listen to all of us at a time ... He'll get to everyone ... THINGS HAPPEN RIGHT ? ITS LIFE <33 my saying is ... " Life is short right ? so lets try to make tonight last forever <33 ' befor Y.O.L.O (you only live one " came out , did you guys think u could live twice lol . Thats all .. Comment please dont be mean ... Tell me what u think :D

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