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Tooth Trap

By: Seiiki Akuma

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Dreams invoke the mind of many people. Once in one’s life one wonders if one day one might see something nobody else has seen or captured. People are almost always fascinated with that which has not been seen, but in which many believe. It is about time someone captures something extraordinary. The tooth fairy, a fairy that comes late at night to take the teeth of children in exchange for money, is one of the most believed and unseen creatures to ever exist. It is almost impossible to catch a glimpse of it unless one has great patience.

In order to capture the tooth fairy, first find a loose tooth or one that can be pulled. Keep in mind that once all the baby teeth have fallen out no more teeth should be removed. Once a tooth, or teeth, is designated, remove at own cost. Try several methods of pulling out teeth until a tooth is removed. Take the required and/or wanted teeth to a personal bathroom or bathroom containing toothpaste, tooth brush, and floss. Clean the teeth until all plaque, gums, and stains are removed. The tooth fairy cannot resist clean, white teeth. Place the clean tooth, or teeth, inside a suitable sized plastic bag and put it somewhere for later use.

Now go to a nearby superstore, such as Wal-Mart, and purchase a bag of mice traps and twine rope. If mice traps and rope are already within residence, do not waste time purchasing what is already in possession. Carefully set up a mouse trap nearby a selected resting area, then place a tooth, preferably from one’s own mouth, on the trap. If there is a rat infestation within the residence, feel free to set up other traps using mice food or cheese. Since the tooth fairy only comes late at night, sleeping all day may help better the chances of success. Practice sleeping all day before conducting this trap. Not everyone can catch the tooth fairy on the first try.

Once an entire day of sleep has been accomplished, prepare for an unpredictable night. Drink a selected energy drink every two hours, only if energy drink is needed. Turn off all lights within the room, except for a night lamp in order to see.

To further enhance the probability of success, stay completely still, keep breathing at a regular pace, have one eye shut and the other halfway open. Have some rope at the ready and hidden within the blankets. Lay in wait for the signs of the tooth fairies appearance.

Certain signs for which to watch: faint glittery particles in the air, sudden drowsiness or inability to remember anything about the previous day, a soft humming, and fading lights. Once the signs start to show retrace the past events and pinch the forearm six times. Keep in mind that pinching too hard in the same spot will result in reddening skin and possible bruising. These signs also indicate the tooth fairy is nearby and will be within the room soon. Do not laugh, snicker, flinch, or freak out when the tooth fairy does show up; the tooth fairy will vanish, possibly to never return. If the current tooth on the trap was cleaned as instructed, the tooth fairy will not hesitate to snatch up the tooth resulting in a higher probability of succeeding.

When the mouse trap snaps, pounce up and grab the fairy. Rope it if necessary then dance a happy dance. The tooth fairy is now successfully captured. Feel free to ask questions and take pictures but whatever happens, never take the tooth fairy’s money. The tooth fairy’s money is cursed to turn thieves into worms.

A deep void of fascination towards the never before seen or captured has been replaced with the utmost of joy. The tooth fairy, which has been believed in for many a year, is now within grasps. The extraordinary has been accomplished.


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