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Through the dark trees he come

Essay By: swords edge

had to write a short story with all my spelling words in it so i wrote this.
oh and it will have spelling errors because this computer doesn't have spell check

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Kate maintained her stance, this hooded stranger wouldn't fase her.
Out of the dark woods he came, manouvering around the shadowed trees he slowly made his way to her.
Kate should have felt scared, but she didn't. To her, this seemed like a puzzel she had to solve.
He was 20 feet away now.
Kate thought about if the stranger was going to kiddnap her, abd how much her millionaire step dad would pay to get her back.
"proubly nothingm," she muttered. Her step dad only called her "his daoughter through marrige,"
the stranger was 10 feet away.
Kate licked some of the fall leaves around her, the mataniace at the scool hadn't racked this morning leaveing the ground littered with the autom leaves.
The hooded man was now 5 feet away now.
Kate didn't have to be a mathcmaties wize to know what her chances of getting away where now.
The stranger stopped 2 feet away from kate, he slowly raised his hand to his black hood which had cover his face so far.
Kate knew she couldn' manufacttior a scream loud ebough for others to hear. The nearest plaxe with people would probly be the weird medicine store down the street.
The stranger was about to take off his hood.
To kate it felt like a malleana since she first saw the stranger coming towords her. But just when she was thinking about if being kidnapped was mangable,
the stranger toke off his hood.
Kate stepped back in surprise, behind the hood was her best frined mark.
"i thought we were going to go trick or treating," he told kate holding out a black bag.
"oh ya... we are, sorry forgot to call and tell I couldn't find my custom," she exsplained waliing to marks car, which was parked on the other road just behund the trees.
"o.k kate, but next year I;m picking you up at home! I mean what were you thinking? You could have been hurt or kiddnaped her all alone!" he scolded her opening her door.
"ya..." she sighed getting into marks car.
It was going to be a long halloween night.


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