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Letter from Lady macbeth (homework)

Essay By: TheMysteriousgirl

Hi if you read the title obviously you will know this is homework! Also letting out third chpater of 'The life of skye hope.'
We had to write the letter as if macbeth didn't know his wife had killed so many people/

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4 st February 2012

Dear Macbeth,

As your wife, i have something to confess, It was me who- who killed so many, people. And, the worst thing is, they were all innocent. I wonder what their families think? Do they sit and cry all day? Or do they think of revenge, Plotting to kill me? I ask these similar questions everyday. But i leave them unanswered like their rheotorical questions. I killed kids! Tell me what heartless repulsive, sick hearted person would do this? Well me apparently. All this for powerfulness. How i wish i kept my mouth trapped shut and obeyed your orders like a respectful lady. My victims eyes stared at me, black and empty begging me not to do it. It sends a shudder down my back thinking about it. The guily lays heavily upon me like the winter's fresh snow. It keeps building up. I feel like one of those flowers. Pretty, colourful and attractie. But in the inside i'm dying like a disease has spread viciously through my body attacking all my organs. It turned me into a repulsive sick beast.

I keep having flashbacks. They scare me. I hear my victims screams ringing through me, making me shudder.I always imagine thick red blood pouring all over me like fresh water. I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.I try full it in but fail to succeed. When i have courage to go out a feel as if everbody stares my way like their reading my thoughts of how and why i killed my victims. I can't stand it.

I'm sorry my dear husband. I can never forgive myself. How i wish i could wash out the bad deeds like laundry. How i wish i could change life around. I'm scared aqnd lonely. Trapped in my own insane mind. I'm hungry and i need to get out, be free.

Your's dearly,

Lady macbeth your wife


(p.s Tell me you forgive me and it's not my fault. Tell me you will love me the same and take me in as a dear husband)

So do you like it???? I want to know because if you dont i shall change but i need to know because im handing it in on monday! Anyway thanks for reading! All the best TheMysteriousGirl xxx


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