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Review Chain!

Miscellaneous By: Archia

If you want a review take a look at this!
(The name was changed from Reviews Everywhere!)

Submitted:Oct 9, 2013    Reads: 668    Comments: 268    Likes: 33   

Welcome one and all to this… thing. Challenge, game, something to pass the time, could all replace the word 'thing' I guess. Choose your pick.

So I'm just going to get right down to explaining this. This is to try and get some good constructive reviews for everyone on Booksie. The basics is that you review someone's piece and then someone else reviews yours.

This is how it works:

The first person asks for a review on one of their pieces.

The second person then gives the first person a constructive review. They can then ask for one of their piece's to be reviewed.

The third person then gives the second person a constructive review and then asks for one of their piece's to be reviewed. This is all done in the comments below.

And on it goes.

Let's give an example:

First person: Could someone please review ___.

Second person: I have reviewed____ could someone please review-----.

Third person: I've reviewed ------ could someone review …….

Hopefully you get the gist.

You have to review the exact person's before you, not the one that was two or three above, only the one right before you. So using the example; the third person can't review the first, they have to review the second. Of course, they can review it if they want to, it just won't count.

It has to be a new review. So if someone asks for something to be reviewed and you reviewed it awhile ago, then it does not count. You have to give the review, after they've asked for it.

You can only ask for one piece to be reviewed at a time, and if it is a novel, only one chapter. You can specify a chapter but if no particular chapter is mentioned then let's presume it means the first.

You can do it as many times as you like, there's no limit to how many reviews you can give. The more the merrier really.

You can ask for someone to review anything; stories, poems, scripts, articles, novels, absolutely anything. But please state if it is rated R or X, any other rating and you don't need to bother.

To get rid of confusion, when you mention a piece please state the whole title, instead of shortening it.

Now the review has to be constructive. A constructive review is not 'I liked it. Keep it up.' You need to state some particular things (more than one preferably, as much as you can) you liked about it and WHY. Also state some things that you didn't like and WHY. And if you can, mention some things that could be done to improve it.

Some points that you could comment on:

  • Plot
  • Character's
  • Dialogue
  • Writing styles
  • Grammar/ spelling- paragraphs, tense, commas, etc.
  • Opening/ middle/ end
  • Anything else

Here's an example review:

I enjoyed the character's as each had their own distinctive voice which really came across in the dialogue and their own separate thoughts on the same particular matters. The fight scene however did seem to drag on a little because of the excessive detail, which at times came across as unnecessary as every action was described by each person separately. Perhaps merge the character's thoughts into one overall view of the scene. At times the dialogue became tedious because there was point where there wastoo much dialogue that continued withoutbreaks of simple actions. To break if up you could use things like 'he looked back over his shoulder', 'she brushed her hair back behind her ear.'The plot developed nicely as the story progressed by there not being too much time spent on one part, it was evenly spread out. Some more detail could be done on each separate character; I felt that each was similar as their physical attributes were not mentioned, nor were their individual thoughts. It was overall a good read and just needs some tweaking in some areas.

Well apart from the fact that you can't really point out the same thing as good and bad, the gist is there. It needs to be helpful.

If you feel that you have been unfairly reviewed; so the person hasn't been helpful, then tell me either on here or on my page and I'll take a look and see if it is unfair or not. If it is unfair then that person will not be able to have their piece reviewed, unless they return and give a constructive review on the piece before someone else does. If it already has been reviewed then it will just continue and that person should be obliged to return and give a constructive review. But if they don't then I'll give you a good review to make up for it. They also won't be allowed to return anything else until they've reviewed yours.If I don't judge it as unfair then things will just continue as per normal.
Please don't be afraid to say you've been reviewed unfairly, I want you to get the best review and something like 'I loved it, kmu' isn't a constructive review. There's no harm in telling me if you think you haven't gotten a fair review.

If there's a mix up or anything, like you're skipped or something, please say. You can tell me on my page or mention something here. I try to pick up all mistakes but I cannot promise to get them every time, and if you don't say anything, then I don't know.

Something that you may want to do, to let someone know that you're review is for this (so they can see if the review is fair or not, or just so they know that their piece has been reviewed), you may want to state at the bottom that you're review is because of this. You don't have to though.

I'm hoping all this makes sense. If anything is confusing or any questions then please ask. Even if you think it's a stupid question, it's probably the one that everyone's thinking. You can ask here or on my page, either one.

Well I think I've had said everything I need to say.

Just a few reminders (so if you didn't read anything else, at least read this):

  • You have to say that you've reviewed something and what you want reviewed in the comments below, otherwise you don't get a review because no one will know
  • Make sure you're review is constructive
  • You can only ask for one piece to be reviewed at a time (1 chapter= 1 piece)
  • You can do this as many times as you like, it doesn't have to stop at one. And you can ask for the same piece to be reviewed again after you've given another review.

Enjoy, good luck, and get reviewing!

Also, if you have any ideas to further improve any aspect of this, shoot them at me, I'd be more than happy to hear.

REMINDER: You have to review the one that is directly before you, not one that is two or three before you as they have already been given a review. If you don't review the one directly above then they are being cheated out of a review.

Please tell me if you don't think you've gottena fair review. 'I loved it kmu' isn't a fair review, so if you get anthing like that, tell me, please, please.

!!! PLEASE READ: The Review Chain has moved. This one got too long so I have started a new one. It is continuing like normal, you will find the next one to be reviewed over there. DO NOT USE THIS PAGE! If you do you will not get a review.



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