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Deadly Afterlife Character Bio

Miscellaneous By: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade

Characters of DA

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Josh: The last Poltergiest. He is the incarnation of Tobias Joshua Vaughn and just like him, he is gay but the diffrence is, Josh committed suicide by jumping off the golden gate bridge due to severe bullying by one man who spread rumors and lies thus turning the others backs on him while Tobias was murdered. He is of the age of nineteen and is secretly in love with Evin.

Evin: The guardian Angel. Being the angel who guards those needed the most, he works nearly 24/7 all year long. He was once a party go-er, popular, but never a hater. He's gay as well and was ran over by a car while he was drunk. He's in a current realationship with Wraith but is secretly in love with Josh. He is the incarnation of Darcen Evin Treygood who committed suicide when he neard of the news.

Wraith: Grim Reaper. There are diffrent classes of Reapers. Death Reapers, Life Reapers, Grim Reapers, and Time Reapers. Wraith is currently dating Evin. He is the second eldest brother of four, the rest being, in order, Azriel, Wraith(him), Ravnous, and Goran.

Lucius: Devil and twin brothe of Lucifer himself. Though not the prince of darkness, he is the prince of fire. He is very quick tempered and gets extremely jealous whenever someone flirts with Lex. He also has a daughter in which he cannot see due to stupid laws.

Lex: Ghost and younger sister of Josh's enemy/bully. She was murdered by her own brother and doesn't like talking about it much. She is a hopeless romantic and sometimes flirt whether she knows she's doing it or not. She likes Lucius but she is currently flirting with Colton.

Colton: Elder brother of Josh. He was a marine/navy seal who was murdered in action. Taken as a prisoner. He is protective of his brother and any of those close to him. He is shown to have no fear of anything or anyone. He is older than Josh by 6-7 years.

Ashton: The Archangel. He is in secret in love with Lucius but does nothing about it as he is in love with Lex. He is the kind who puts othes before him. Having golden hair and eyes like the rest of the angels make him like a popular. He never liked attention so he does his very best to avoid it. He never died on earth for he was never born on earth.

Brock: Main antagonist and bully of Josh. He is the incarnation of the man who murdered Tobias Joshua Vaughn and caused Darcen and Mr. Dantes to commit suicide by hanging. He loves making fun of people and abusing them. He is slightly afriad of Colton. Extremely homophobic and will do anything to rid the world of homosexuals. His death was a car accident.

Mr. Dantes: Poltergiest teacher. He takes Josh under his wing and he along with Darcen committed suicide years ago by the use of hanging. He is shown to be a cold man towards everyone. No one actually knows if he's dating or in love but he seems to have a fatherly heart towards both Evin and Josh as they are incarnations of his friends. He never died on earth because he was never born on earth.


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