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My Novel: Character Traits

Miscellaneous By: arun

Here I publish the individual character (main) traits in a tabled format. You would really enjoy it, I swear.
Well, the format got spoiled on Booksie!
And, sorry I didn't get any relevant pic. so only pasted this!

Submitted:May 29, 2011    Reads: 130    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

Hair colour and type
Favorite dress
Extra features on face
Anything to be noted
Mr. Pittsworth
Black and Curly; unkempt
Holmes type suits with a compulsory Fedora
Looks abnormally lean & being short makes him eye-sore
A circular wart on left upper lip & Clean-shaven; oblong face (less wide long face)
Walks slowly like a cat & less active, smooth skin, looks feminine
Daniel Young
American, Honey coloured & spiked
T-shirt & simple Lee jeans
A pointed nose but though, it suits him & makes yet handsome
Brisk walker, Goes walk daily, plays with own hair most often
Mrs. Truman
Blonde hair, long parted at centre artificially curled at ends
Jumper suits, scarf around neck, long skirts, urban sneakers
Very lean - slim
oval-faced, a classic motherly face
Savage garden fan, likes country music, wears her specs on reading alone
Black and long slender hairs half of MJ's length and style like MJ
T-shirt & simple Lee jeans
Regular gym goer (the 1st thing he asked on reaching)
Wears fashion ear rings & 'S' ring in his right hand; forehead & jaw line is narrow with wide cheek bones (diamond faced)
Smiles like rambling of a vehicle engine - discontinuously
Blonde. Like mom's but not curled at ends. Just freely hanging.
V-neck with Capri pants or classic denim, urban sneakers
Fit & lean, but drug addict
Square shaped face, Remarkably beautiful
fashion ear rings, natural cat-walker, yellow teeth
Blonde. Chin length traditional bob cut
T-shirt & simple skin tight jeans, urban sneakers
Very lean, looks anemic, hates to eat everything
Micro Green eyes, pleasing characteristic li'l girl; sq. shaped
God-fearing, Hannah Montana type girl, likes Cinderella
Mrs. Taylor
Black. medium length hair.
Long rustic skirt with an awkward overcoat
Face with irregular black patches, Cycosis
Her simple way of living, never seemed to be such a huge possessor of mansion
Mr. Woodman
Short black. Never combed.
Formal overcoat without a tie & normal pants
Almost will threaten any child with bumps; round faced
Rough skinned guy, Rectangular specs
Callum Woodman
Black. Just formal style parted 3/4th from his left
T-shirt & simple Lee jeans
Extremely healthy, Muscled & athletic built, Handsome
Zitty; round faced as like dad
He's feeling shy particularly to speak with Shaudy; uses no trimmer.
Mr. Hunt
No one had seen his hair for he wears Western dusty cap (Bald)
Formal overcoat without a tie & normal pants; zoot suit
Asthma patient but takes in healthy food & looks great
Full of shrinks, black eyes very small than usual, thick H-brow; triangular face like Stevie wonder's
Characteristic old man, Wider slacky mouth, Oval specs
Speech and Conviviality
Tackling situations
Character & Likes
[put all in here]
Skills, if any or Distinguishing features
Mr. Pittsworth
Laconic, too formal in speech & lonesome
Thoughtful & smiles ugly
Slow & Diplomatic; tells nothing openly until confirmed
Empathetic, simple not showing-off, Helping & Books
Outstanding reader, Great conversationalist, Humorous
Daniel Young
Cogent with timely formality (with olds only) & Gregarious
Ever-smiling, flashy (mostly his ken & wealth)
Responsive & just a few technical terms makes him alive
Dominating nature, pot-boil in conclusions & Girls
Exorcist, he himself claimed; skater
Mrs. Truman
Diplomatic speaker, humorous
A classic mother with kindness to all in particular
Slow but sound, thinks deep
Bacon-maniac, speaks bobbing her head, nice character
News reporter-cum-proof reader
Garrulous but gregarious
A boxer's build but face is childish
Smart but when dealing with demons, is nervous
Highly confident guy
Speaks in always a haste and Ambivert
Sexy chick, Enticer
Happy girl liking everything girlish & tattoos herself
Beauty alone; good character
Nervous, party starter
Looks like a small Barbie doll, much agitated afterwards
Agitated, wants immediate results. can't wait
Ever-smiling girl
Almost can please anyone
Mrs. Taylor
Depressed old lady
Widow of a soldier, lies more
Mr. Woodman
Not straight fwd (Tortuous)
Smiles so rarely even cal complains of it
Easy-temper losing guy
Chain smoker
Callum Woodman
Party starter
Shy guy
Backs whenever taking decisions
Man of no self-confidence
Not conversationalist, mostly will be thinking of other things
Mr. Hunt
Garrulous in Anti-religious topics & generally a learned speaker
Contemptful, scornful & 'old'ish
Slow & Diplomatic; loses his mind if religion comes
Ascetic who jeers believers; Speaks based on facts alone
A learned man who knows a lot, don't like nowadays rap etc


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