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Five Things (Only My Best Friend Would Know)

Miscellaneous By: BaileyThompson

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Five things you would never guess about me! (Things that only my best friend would know)

Your turn, tag your it:

Enjoy! :)

Submitted:Feb 7, 2009    Reads: 1,004    Comments: 13    Likes: 6   

Five Things only My Best Friend Knows

I was tagged, so here it is: Five things you'd never guess about me... Or maybe you would?
I'm a germaphobic. Not as bad as some, butI have a really hard time eating without cleaning my hands, being around sick people, eating anyone's food, etc. Not many peopleunderstand. My parents get reallyannoyed when I stay away when someone is sick,my friendstry forcing me to eat their food, when they know darn well I can't.Yeah, well I can,but something inside me doesn't let me.That being said, I'm not quite has bad as some... I'm kind of inbetween, I guess.
I can be reallly crazy and energentic and hyper sometimes. What most people see, is quiet and dull me. But, when my friends are around, good music is on, or I'm just in a good mood, the real me shows!
I'm a good-girl on the outside, but not at heart. Let's just say, I have a pet peeve for people who are goodie-goodie (no offense). But, I'm not incredably bad either, hmm... probably just your average fifteen year old?
Have you ever had something really funny happen to you one day Then the next day, during class or something, you burst out laughing thinking about it, causing the whole class to look at you, wondering why you're laughing at nothing? Yeah, I do that all the time.... hehe alt
Last one, okay, I'm distractable.... REALLY distractable. Working on one thing at once would be a miracle for me. I can't work on one thing, unless it's a story that I'm really caught into. Other than that, I'm always being distracted by something else...

Do I have to stop here? There's so much more I could say about myself no one would guess... I guess I'm too quiet, no one really knows me... So no one can guess! Well... That's enough, I guess you get the drift... I'm not quite who I appear to be. sometimes whose on the inside isn't the same as whose showing on the outside... Sometimes they are the same!

And there you have it, five things that only my best friend knows. Oh, this kind of defeats my title doesn't it… You know too! Well, oh well… There's five things about me that my best friend and YOU know!


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