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By: Bilancia

Page 1, this is what happens when you

Oh popcorn don't reject me my world is spinning just like you are on that large glass plate,the plate that reminds me so much of humanityrunningaimlesslyaround looking for an escape ,only to explode due to interiorforces .The worries building up like millions of atoms bouncing around in your cernal shaped body .Yourtough exteriormay just be a brave front you put up to save yourself from the world ,but like we have already discussed it is not others who will bring about your untimley demise ,but you all on your own your thoughts hopes and dreams will end you POP!. I can feel the cholesterol rising with every bite I take,my doctor tells me to lay off the butter.But I proudly sit here and proclaim "NAY!" I shall eat my popcorn without being hidered by the though process of the world let alone one man,it's us against the worldmy beloved.and now I sit here licking the last inch ofbuttery grease frommy fingers and I shigh dreaming of how yourlove clogs my artaries,more effectelythen traffic doesyoung streetat 6:30 on monday.One day I shallslide downrivers of sweet flowing butter absorbing the salty goodness through my pores if there is a heaven surly it will be this .I nibble on you affectionatly my heart givesout and I keel over still clinging to that lastpieceof you that one bite I will never have.

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