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A Magical Moment

Miscellaneous By: britny8987

A description of how I felt when my boyfriend first kissed me.

Submitted:Feb 22, 2012    Reads: 24    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

We're sitting side by side in the small,dull blue-grey bus seat. My shoulder is pressed against the cold metal below the window, and my knees are pushing against the seat infront of us, almost over my head. He looks down at me, his lips twisted in amusment. I ignore him,folding my arms across my chest, and realize that my head is level with his elbow. That makes me smile, and I tilt my head up at him, my dark hair falling over my left eye. His brown eyes, so dark they're almost black, hold my gaze. Emotions surge through my body, as his thumb slowly traces my lips, while he holds my chin and tilts my head back, so that our faces are closer. Sunlight gleams through the window, seeing to light his long, wavy, ringletted hair so that it shows a brilliant amber. My breath catches as he leans down towards me. My eyes still hold his, and our faces are mere centimeters apart. His hair mingles with mine, his lips so tantalizingly close as ribbons of desire string through my groin. I strain my neck, desiring his touch, but we are unable to close the distance. We sit there, love and heated wanting reflected in one anothers eyes. Someone calls his name, and after a moment he breaks our contact, and whirls around. Sadness pours through me like ice in my veins, and I unhappily resituate myself so that I am a little higher up in the seat. Damien turns back to me, and I find myself once more sucked in by his alluring eyes. They seem black as the world turns hazy, and I hear only our heartbeats, seemingly as one. His eyes smolder, and he leans down. Suddenly our lips our touching, and I savor the softness of his lips. My eyes close naturally, and instincts almost overcome me as I slowly kiss him back. I breathe in hjs musky scent, it fills me withan aching desire that accompanies his tender kisses. The endless hum of thoughts in my head cease as we kiss. My body filled with instananeous bliss as we continue to embrace with only our mouths in such an innocent way. My tongue slid teasingly across his bottom lip. All too soon he pulled away, leaving me dizzy and light headed as I looked down, away from him.


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