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Sea of Grass

By: bry012

Page 1, A brief writing describing a serene and placid setting.

A Sea of Grass

The delicate fingers of the wind lightly caressed his face and tossed his hair about with random flurries. Each ray of sunlight kissed his cheek and sent a sense of calm throughout his entire body. In every direction, as far as his earthy brown eyes could see, tall grasses of the plains swayed to and fro like innumerable gypsies enraptured in song and dance.

This was his favorite place. All that was trivial and all that was harrowing was momentarily lost within the waves of wild grasses.Painless hours passed whenever he lay amongst these familiar friends and eternities lived and died within the young man’s mind. Seemingly profound questions of purpose, love and meaning left the man in a state of transcendence where time, fear and anxiety ceased to exist leaving only the man and his thoughts adrift upon a sea of grass.


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