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deep in love

Miscellaneous By: bshydin

to lisa

Submitted:May 10, 2008    Reads: 50    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

in love
wondering what to do, how to handle a new lesson in life, that i know she thinking right now,,, home alone trying to understand how to beat her feelings,,, but seem to feel more love for him then forgetting,,, passing the time away with memories of what they shared, smiles of all the day`s they spent together,,, that i know she thinking that right now,, the special gift`s that lay in her room that she looks upon, with a slow tear that she hesitates to wipe away for wanting him at her side, to want the hurt to no longer be in her heart and i know that she`s feeling that right now,,,, the day the barbie dolls were put to rest she carried that fantasy through out her life, making thing right from how she played, with endearing moments she kept in heart, a wish she try so hard to complete, finding out at times her wish was to far to hold but love was in her heart,,, each day will seem slower without that hand to hold and the look in the mirror will show that the little girl playing the last day of your fantasy, with a new thought in what she see,,, she`ll bring back the truth when the goodbye is played and feels the deeper love she has for herself,, to overcome that little girls dream,,,, i believe when you except who you are there`s no need to dream, opening your mind to everything you see around yourself leads to your wonder in your life, i`v had many dreams just like she had while playing with her dolls, but once i understood me, i realized i was wasting more of my life dreaming,, so i dreamt my last dream and now where ever i look i get to see what is mine, without a fantasy to hold me back, everything is true to me,,, her deep love act like a tool to her dreams and as her days went by she lost herself and relied on her barbie dolls to live her life, i sit and think at the time i was young, make believe was my only way to feel and its a shame i had to dream to feel good inside, i understood my wonder for myself and can feel a magical love in me now,, as she sits and waits for the call to happen she`ll realize from the shadow in the mirror of the little girl waving goodbye and slowly disappears from her life,, for her to start living with out waiting for someone


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