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her love she had

Miscellaneous By: bshydin


Submitted:May 10, 2008    Reads: 50    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

wasted time over again as she yells in her deep voice,,, looking down at he`s feet wanting to leave, to walk away to forget her,, night after night fighting accrues and the hit starts the pain,,, that day,, they came together,, it was the light for both of them, first noon lit night , hand to hand, with the sparks to keep them warm,, seeing the love that was being made as they talked,, days went bye,,, then,, with the stain on the knee as he expresses he`s love , and waits for her to answer,,, motions cross each of their minds,,, as one waits for the others reply,,,, as time is still,,, they see why their there and both feel yesterdays emotions still,,, as the line was filled,, they walk now,,,, together,, they spend dreaming of what their lives will be,, and live in special days, to come,, with the love they created,,,,,,, times get hard and one stay later,,, wondering begin as she awaits he`s arrival,,,, hours go by as she listens to he`s machine,, then finally falls asleep, to the beat of her own heart,,,, walking hand to hand leaving a local bar, finding a place to be, using the fight from the other night to resume the beginning of what he felt before,, toasting a fantasy with out the thought of her as she sat alone in the house where he should be,, with no care in the world,, he start another life,,,,, woken up by a noise she dreamt not to hear,,, as the door opened she began to cry, no words were said as the alcohol filled the room,,,, yelling to be heard, not hearing the sorry as she begin to leave,,, sitting with feelings of what he`s done,,,, thinking how to make it right,, her trust was never the same,,,,, coming home late to avoid what happened,, as he sits alone,, seeing whats out there that made him do this,, to ruin the love they made,,, searching for an answer that wont be there,, she joins the fight again,,, he`s begs for forgiveness as he tries to hold her,, she pushes him away and says,, why,,, as he walks out the door,,, night falls,,, quietness all around as she pulls herself together,, trying to cover up the spot he left,,,and not loving him anymore,, sightly asleep as the door bell rings not wanting him to come in,, waiting patiently for him to go away,,,, as the lights flashing out the bedroom window,,, with the door bell ringing,,, slowly she go`s and see`s whats wrong and then hears heart breaking news,,,, your husband has died in a car accident,,as the officer eyes look down,,,, forgetting the pass days as she dropped to her knees and saying no,,, her life has change once again,,, ended in remorse, her feelings of lost,, and wishing for him to be here,,, lonely nights of thoughts of loving him,, and wished she forgave him,,,, with days to years with the picture still on the wall,, she remembers all the good that he was,, starting again with her lesson she has learn, and will not make that mistake again,, as long as she lives,, powerless with her life,,, she make one more change,,, she can`t live anymore without him,,, a love that was so pure,, she went,,,, to join him,,, with he`s picture in her arms she shuts her eyes,,,, to forgive him ,,,,, i wrote this a year ago, today,,, i met a lady and became a friend to her,, i ended up being more support for her more then a friend,, i new about her life and what she lost,,,, being careful with my word,,, she still took her life, i had to understand why she did it,,, why her love was so strong for him,, i couldnt figure out why for the longest time, until i put myself in her place, their love that they made without outside help, a bond they believed in,,, even though he did what he done,, fights did happen,,, from her,, i understood that,, when you choose a hand to hold,, there will be fights in living together,, that will happen, some,, will hurt each other, loose their trust, and never see the love like it was before,, i understood her power that gave her, her strength to shut her eyes,, a love she wanted more then anything,,,, as i sat the flowers above her,,, i understood what a true love can be,, a want, a need,, to understand that were human and will make mistakes through out our life,, and forgiveness can happen only when you let it,, and not let precious moments go away until you express your feelings,, to who ever make you feel something inside you, don`t let something small stop your love,, don`t let a day go bye without showing


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