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summer to cold

Miscellaneous By: bshydin

summer to cold

Submitted:May 10, 2008    Reads: 46    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

around a thought in a evenings night,,,, an image appears, while my attention is on a feeling,, that's floating across my mind,, the shadow on the wall,, with a voice that i hear,, a warm feeling of light gleams upon the floor,, a need to Neel,,,, holding my only source tightly in my hand,,, the words slowly deepened in my flesh for me to remember, what life is really about,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, summers days alone with hope to meet someone,, to feel safe with yourself without your past,,,, times you want and then you get,,,, then end up in the cold all alone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, reading between an open hand,,, in hope to hold another,,, your wishes are there with joy in thought,,, but your loneliness is always at your finger tips,,,,,,, as you hold on you see whats real,,, then let go from that other,,, wondering if your ok in mind,, and ask yourself if you can,,,,, finding your love and not a person,,, giving you your wishes in place of a hand,,,,your silence will be heard by you,,, opening yourself with great love for you,,, you`ll see that you`ve been missing in your life,, a joy to be you,,, we listen through out our lives to others,,, then wonder why your not safe,,,,,,,,, my influence is what i see and how i feel,, i see people who want so much for themselves,, then end up dieing before it happens,,,,,before they feel it,,,, i`v talked to ones who aren't here anymore,, the way they spoke and the respect they had for wanting to live a little bit longer,, made me understand,, that i make my life,,,,that sacrifices are real to me , putting myself before anything in my sight,,, makes me a better person to myself,,,,,,, to my kids,,, my x-wife,,, my family,,, my friends,,, and to the one i would like to love,, seeing clear enough and respect your life,,, life is at my finger tips,,, not your loneliness,,, while coldness is always there and not always a warm hand to hold,,, your belief is your wonder that only you feel,,,,,,,,,, your final word to your emotional feelings,, with no regrets of losing your cold ,,,experiencing yourself of who you are,, a smile you will finely see,,,,,,, i held a hand as one spoke to me,, i felt what he mist in he`s life and then i cried to myself and then i new how my life will be for now on,,, i touch my own heart,, before i let someone in it,, for my cold day to not exist and to feel the warmth in my hand when the summer days end,


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