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swinging branches

Miscellaneous By: bshydin


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April 06

swinging branches

do you wonder how we begin to have friends and why we say we do, i watch people in their own ways that it seems they are just standing in the view of the other, i`ve never ask someone if they would like to be my friend, to those ones i've met they assume we are the second time we meet, but are we, i have many that know me and i will do anything for them on a turn of a dime, there are ones that i know that they will do the same for me, so what is a friend, is it someone that listens to you no matter what time it is, day or night, is it someone that will stop what there doing and pick them up or take them somewhere, is it when you need to just talk or just want to say hi, perhaps it is, we don't know how one feels in the since of friendship when we don't listen to the other, so can you still call them a friend,, for me, i know more about the ones i`ve met then they think, i will remember everything they say and look in them while i`m listening to them and respond back with words, so who is the friend the one who listening and knowing who they are or is it the one who thinks they know you, i've talked to many women and men, in a very short time i new more about them then they know themselves and will remember our last conversation we had, but they don't, why, is it because they weren't paying attention , maybe i wasn't worth it, but its funny how it comes about that when i see them again and bring up something that they told me months back, they cant understand how i remember what we talked about and they don't, i don't understand that my self why dose this happen, if someone is in front of you, you have everything possible to know them that first time, i believe that if you take your time and listen or spend time with another you don't abuse it, so what is a friend, i know what ones are to me and i know what i`ll do to ones i know, i have alot of people who know me but i have very few ones that i call friend, its a shame that others will never see what a real friend is, so what is a friend, you will tell by just listening to them in the first five minute you`ll know who is or who could be a true friend and its not the ones who just say it to you, over an over we hear others talk about ones they cant stand or that one person that they don't like because they said something you didn't like or made you feel used, then you push away from them and move on, you`ll never know if they would be your real friend, people will say she a bitch or he`s an ass hole just from what they do or say, i found that i`ve met many that are not liked by ones i know, but i see them in a different way, then how i was told or what i`ve seen from afar, it`s hard enough to guide yourself from all the bad influence's from what we see day to day, but we can appreciate at least the one in front of us with respect no matter if others say their not worth it, maybe it`s just me, maybe it`s what i see in people and don`t see what other talk about, i believe everyone is missing so much, by choosing the one they want to be around and making fuss about the ones they don't like, maybe that's their choice to never know who they are by leaving themselves closed from others,,,,, so can you feel what real friends you have in your life, do they honor you, take care of you if needed,,, understanding the aspect of human, i wondered what someone else can do for me as a friend and this is what mine do, keeping track of me as i due them, helping when not needed, a talk to listen with honor in both voices, seeing from afar making sure i`m safe as i due them, stopping their day for me as i due them,,,, i`ve understood how people are in the since of what their afraid of, i`ve had others ask me why do you talk to them, they say their not worth it and i simply say you don't see what i do, i don't believe that i`m perfect, very far from that, i just know how my life has been the last three year's, figured how to see deeper in other things then what living is, i see whats in front of me and respect everything that comes my why, so a friend, the ones who know me are my real friends and except me for what ever i do or my choices, as i due them, share experiences for us to not hurt, to create a wonder to live by, a real friend,,, someone that feels you when your not in sight,,, a real friend, someone who holds you when your frighten, a real friend, who knows who you are, a real friend,, together in a life time of words with meaning,,,a real friend,, i don't judge anyone, no matter what ever happens, a real friend, i`ll tell them the truth even if it hurts, they might walk away, a real friend, will still be there to respond why,,,, relationships are what we feel we need and desire to have, picking the ones we want just leads to problems, more people need to understand what their doing in their life and see the little things that matter that will make the bigger part of life later in living, with our friends we say we have you`ll never loose with them and its never to late to let them know what they mean to you, to my friends, i`m still here to honor my real friendship to you


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