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wonders of love

Miscellaneous By: bshydin

a feeling

Submitted:May 10, 2008    Reads: 49    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

a time in ones life we will feel something that changes us to want someone near, we will do things that we wouldn't do if were alone, the feeling we get as we get farther in life, we see others and want what they have, but don't understand that your not them, we watch closely as we use the word love, and use it when it feels right to another, but that other may not know what your meaning of love is, our first love we fell for, we went for just a feeling and wishing for it to stay, then we learn, when its over, we have to let the meaning of love show between two, talk, explain what yours is, if they don't know, you wont be loved and show them how you love your self, no one needs to be hurt by a word, we use that to express feelings, a creation ,, a need and a joy, finding yourself first can lead to greater love you give and that other will see in you, not around you or play with you, in a used way, the wonders of love, sometimes you`ll love someone for only something you don't have, you`ll put up with their shit in hope they`ll change, you`ll be a walk path for only because of a feeling you have, the wonders of love, can be a true word when you use it on your self first and don't say it until you feel it inside your self, you will have so many types of feelings for others and that is a wonder in itself, you can love who ever you want if it makes you feel good and the other one don't even need to know, kindness to your self is the wonders of love, its you, it is everything about you, its how you give it, to get the respect of love back, there are some who don't now how and those are the ones who we have left, with our insight of our needs, with our understanding of a meaning, we could feel what this word really is between two, i love many, i can because i know what my love is and how to use it for me , it lets me see the true feeling of another, remember your first one you said i love you to, remember how it made you feel, what you`ll do and how your body felt when they were around and couldn't`t wait to see them, i remember mine, i analyzed that from a very long time ago, i still feel it like it was yesterday, how nothing stopped me from doing anything to get to her, by having that still in me, i`ve learned something about myself, if i could let a word change my thinking to be what the word love is, why couldn't`t i live better just with myself, what i mean, when i thought i was in love, it was like the world had stopped for me and all worries were gone out of me, there was a thought that was pulling me from my life before, that nothing could go wrong because i was in love, nothing mattered, from how i was feeling,, when i started to love myself i tried to keep those same feeling in me, it was very hard to do, i understood that i didn't need someone to love to be pure or happy, i figured how to keep what was important to me, with loving myself, i now can give better love to someone all because it`s in me and not using the just the word, the wonders of love with many feelings that it has, but only a feeling you should feel first to you, before you give, until then, you`ll get your trials of many others until you do so, alot of time is waited in those trials, with hurting in between the next, i been ask why i`m not with anyone, well it`s not that i don`t want to, it`s not that i`m afraid to and it`s not that i can`t find anyone, what it is,,,,,, it` not always about me, there are other things in life that mean more to me,,,, my kids, raising them to be who they are will come from me and their mom, they`ll see what i do and re-live in there foot steps, the day i bring someone in my life it will be the last for me, i don`t need for my kid`s to see other women bouncing back and forth through out their life, is something that i wont do, when you have children there is only one choice in mind, there well being, the wonders of love that's in me, give me everything to do what is right, and love isn't always the answer to live a wonderful life, love is doing something that you believe in, if it`s in a person, feel it first, if its in your children you`ll see it though them, i love, i feel, there is ones i love, there is someone i would enjoy, it s not always about me to have the wonders of love,,


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