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raising vanna: are you kidding me?

Miscellaneous By: Cara

posts from my blog, previous entries and those writings i may never post on it.

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if you've wondered about my little one, oh, she's still causing havoc. and quite a lot this week if you ask me. as my mother would say, "my nerves are on edge." Oh, but that doesn't even begin to explain how i feel. On tuesday afternoon, while i was mowing the lawn (i thought she was napping),she managed to get the cayenne pepper and make a mixture of that and water and pour it on her carpet. when asked why she did it, she replied, "well, you left it out." (it had been out for 3 days left untouched, someone just suddenly had a "not so" bright idea to mess with it)since the cayenne pepper was all gone she got a good dose of Louisiana hot sauce in her mouth. she got it easy if you ask me, the hot sauce is way better than a spoonful of cayenne on your tongue.
to make matters worse, the same day i noticed the air had had complications all day, turns out russo had chewed through the wires on the ac unit. luckily some of my neighbors came over to help us fix and reboot it. it took a while to cool down of course, but when it finally did it was set to 70 all night, and man, was it freezing! so much so that i got up to adjust it at 2am, and at 6 i noticed the temperature had never gone up. hm, problem not resolved.
yesterday was an early day for savannah, it was a half day so she went in at 7:25. when i went to wake her up i found at least 15 kraft cheese wrappers on her bedroom floor, i'm not lying, and a soiled carpet (which i hope to be water), and what i think to be thrown up cheese in the bathroom and kitchen, yuck! this child's mind is in complete disarray, josh calls this her hypo mania phase, and somehow she manages to go through this every month during my time of the month, it's like we're already synced up, and I already have a tough time as it is with nausea and headaches every month around this time. the next 13 years are not going to be fun.
after i dropped Savannah off at school at 7:30 I decided to check out the outside unit again, and sure enough the dogs had gotten a hold of it again, only this time they managed to chew it completely off leaving only a stub on the actual unit, as if it had been yanked off...great. the wires were left twisted up in the yard.
well, if my landlords are curious as to why we haven't given them back pay, it's because i'm too busy having to pay to maintain the order in this place. not including a leaky sink which i have yet to call to get fixed.
it's 3:30 thursday morning (i have to work tonight) and man, are we starting this day off with a bang too! i woke up to two whining puppies. if you didn't think i had enough on my plate, somehow i thought i needed two more puppies to add to my chaos. man, am i insane! (i didn't take them out last night because i was so nauseous and had the worst headache of all time)sure enough when i got up to check on them one of them (i think remy, the boy) had pooped in their cage, and the other was clearly upset about it and screaming her (riley) head off. i took them outside and riley went and remy did not. he didn't much like the damp grass, i think.
when i came back inside i noticed our roommate wasn't home, however, a light in the back of the house had been on all night, the bathroom. my first thought, already with my blood pressure rising..."Savannah!" and man was i right! she was wide awake lying on her floor laughing as i opened the door. oh ma,n was this the tip of the iceberg for me. the soap in the bathroom had been dumped out and she had refilled it with water (this seems to be her trademark, as she's done it so much since i've known her) one of her toys (a bowl) was filled to the brim with water, and there was water all over the sink. frustrated i slammed the bathroom door and headed for my room with the puppies.
before i even got one into the cage, because i still had not cleaned up the mess in it. remy had done it again. pooped right on my bathroom floor (thank god it wasn't the carpet)! i stuck his nose in it, spanked him and took him back outside. once back inside riley had managed to crawl back in the cage and step all in the poop. i literally tucked them under my legs as i sat indian style and cleaned up the mess, before putting them both back in. when i finally crawled back in the bed, i couldn't sleep, i tossed and turned, my anxiety in full force waiting for the next whine or little footstep i hear, and that brings me to writing this post, man, do i already feel better to get all of this off my chest...i've heard nothing since all of the chaos, not even a squeak from the puppies.
wait, i spoke too soon, it's now 4am, panzer (our roommates dog) is barking, our roommate just got home (which i thought was savannah, so i yelled), the puppies started whining, and Joshua's alarm just went off for work. And I'm laughing, laughing hysterically. I don't know if it's from stress, or because all of this is really, very funny, because it's like it never ends. all i know is when i drop Vanna off at school this morning, I'm going to sleep, and sleep, and sleep, and sleep, until my alarm goes off to tell me i have to go to work. what happened to the days when i could turn my phone off? one thing is for sure everything except phone calls will be put on silent. thank god for the babysitter, who vanna will hopefully behave for this weekend, because i can't afford to take off from work, clearly with bills adding up. ive had about enough, and to think it's only 4:30am.


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