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just a like 15 minute free write

Submitted:May 2, 2014    Reads: 5    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

every thought i ever had with out a doubt was kept inside im just unable to let it out so here it is all i am listen closly i dont care for the spelling errors i have 15 minutes to say all i can one handed typing im just going faster than before left hand i could go with ut but that saying you dont miss something till its gone or whatever dang my bicep is sore already is wrighting truly that difficult oi dey i have yet to type a period it seems now but that shouldnt matter my thoughts are far too fast for me to actualy get all down im slowing to a crawl hands and kness shuffling to make it make it where i do not know but to the end the end of what i know not as well but who truly knows those with the best view on it could end up cut short a wrong turn a forgetten glance and gone within an instant unacceptable unde normal circumstances but this is life and lets face the cold hard truthh life sucks in most cases. i am at a total loss for words at the mment i have 10 minutes lefft i think and all i can say is the current occasion when moments beore my mind was whirling is this anxiety am i afraid to let my self be shone to allow my deepest secrets to be kown well how could i know i am only as human as i was made and filled with false thought told that i have a highher purpose in life when it is truley that we must make it so so that our desendents survive and currently it looks glum how far can we possibly go we have a populace of 7 billioan and i will ony continue poverty will rise sadness and hopless ness will set in immediatly and feircly 7 minutes left time really does inch away when you have an end in sight but when you want it to stand still it whiplashes and goes in fast forward toi the nnext peice of disaster the loss and ruin the misconceptions of happiness oh thats it 10 minutes is good enough good day and good noght.


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