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Darkness Poetry Challenge WINNERS!!!!

Miscellaneous By: Christine Chapman


Submitted:Aug 12, 2009    Reads: 100    Comments: 6    Likes: 0   

Darkness Poetry Challenge Winners!!!!!
*I chose winning POEMS not winning PEOPLE. Sorry to everyone, but one person won twice. I just loved his poems!!!!
First place WINNER!!!
RECEIVING: Reads on EVERYTHING, a fan, I LIKE IT on everything, and comments!
Crimson Love
Blood pours out,
A crimson pledge to death,
She will not shout,
She holds her breath,
She holds her pain,
Bottled deep in her heart,
A razor to the vein,
This is the worst part,
She won't talk,
She won't show weakness,
Her skin pale as chalk,
She is burdened with stress,
She does not care
For herself,
Her life means little,
If she feels helpless,
So she does not complain,
She holds it all inside,
Here comes the blood,
But there goes her pain,
She's not the only one that cried
As she splits the skin,
She can't see his heart break,
It drives him insane
That she won't stop for his sake,
Her tears fuse with blood
As she slips into the black,
One cut too much,
And she may not come back,
Leaving his broken heart
To deal with a heartless world,
Wishing he would have tried harder,
No matter how harsh his words,
But she does awake,
With red eyes and red rags
Resting on her thighs,
One more tear falls,
Knowing she's addicted,
Tries lying when he calls,
But she knows she'll be convicted,
He loves her more than the world,
He would do anything for her,
He would take over the world,
He would die for her,
But she makes him watch
As she tears out his heart
And slows her own,
He is being ripped apart,
If she would drop
The cold sharp steel,
If only she would stop
And say what she feels,
She knows it kills
Her friends and him,
But she bends to its will,
Like she's addicted to this suffering,
She's attracted to this monster,
She's addicted to this steel,
As the blood pools for her
Her fate may just seal.
Second place WINNER!!
RECEIVING: Reads on ALL POEMS, I LIKE IT on all poems, a fan, and comments!
I Stand in Darkness
I stand in darkness,
Loneliness is my mate,
I've become very weary
Awaiting my fate.
Souls are lost,
Not finding their places,
Hiding in corners,
Not showing their faces.
Blackness surrounds me,
The light growing dim,
Will I stand here forever?
Will I always be grim?
My empty body
Has grown hollow and cold,
There's nothing here
For my numb arms to hold.
My eyes are like marbles,
Unmeaningful their cries,
My soul slowly fades
As my broken heart dies.
A voice in the distance
Is calling my name,
Death has come for me
Bearing no shame.
His demise acts quickly,
So evil his kiss,
As he takes me away,
Will I be missed?
Third place WINNER!
RECEIVING: Sorry, this guy also won first place, so I guess he gets the same thing. J
__ ??? __
Pools of tears
Flood my house
From the crying
And fighting
Built up over
All these years,
Now I'm lost in this pain,
All alone, I'm going insane,
My lungs are burning
For a breath of fresh air
Free of bitter saltiness
Pouring out from my despair,
And now the shards of the past
Are piercing the silence,
Causing a disturbance
And shaking me too fast,
I can't reassemble
And I can't count my fears,
I've lost my foundation,
I'm facing indecision's spears,
I can't run away,
They haunt me everywhere I go,
I'm out of tricks to play,
So let's fight toe-to-toe,
I'll leave you bleeding
And here screaming
Wishing you would die,
Though, this humor is so dry,
I'm drowning in this pain,
I forgotten your words,
My brain hurts,
Looking for a memory,
A few small words,
Hidden so blindly,
It leaves me here weeping,
Sitting on the floor,
I see blood on my clothes,
Wishing I could have done more,
I'm running out of time,
But I refuse to die,
You can't help me,
So just pass on by.
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I REALLY enjoyed hosting this challenge, and I LOVED reading everyone's work! I loved ALL the poems, but I only had three winners. Sorry. I'm sorry about the same person winning twice. I just chose the best POEMS instead of the best PEOPLE. Sorry again.
ยท A note to the winners: I will not read everything at once. I'm going to take my time and still read other things, but you will receive your prizes. I'm just going to take my time doing it. Sorry.


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