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~ Please note ; I put my every thought into my writings, I am also going through a lot at the moment. So, I write from person experience ~
_ The story of a lonely girl, feeling lost, and hopeless. Until she either breaks or heals, only fate will tell us _

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Intro ; Azmn was a lonely caucasian girl, living in some sort of world she did not understand. Her life was amazing before, of course, it shattered. She is now broken due to events you will find have happened, her main problem, what is reality, and what is just a dream? ..

It was an early Saturday morning, I had just gotten out of bed, around 2 or 3, my usual time when im up all night, crying of course. I stumble into my bathroom to find my horrors of lastnight have not been cleaned, I quickly adjust the setup before anyone is yet to notice. I throw on my typical Saturday wear, and slip outside before my mother notices im awake. As I walk down the street, I think of lastnights dream. This time I was in a dark room, all I really remember is my own screams, and the blood running from my veins. I've been having these horrid dreams a lot lately, I wanted to tell someone, yet I didnt want to be labeled insane. So I just wrote each one down in my journel, which I carry with me at all times. I sat down on the park bench and began to write ; December 13th, Saturday , Last nights dream was worse then most. It felt so realistic, I woke in tears, surprised I wasnt screaming. My heart was racing. I continued on with my ranting, then began to explain the dream, I was alone in what seemed to be a dark celler, razor to my wrist, yet not able to move. Blood ran from my fragile arms, as I weeped in sorrow. But, I did not understand the sorrow, what was it from, why was I feeling it, and why in this dream? My heart, pounding as I heard footsteps, yet I was still so confused.. I dropped my pen and began to cry, but then, I saw him, the man from my dream, and so I froze ~ To be continued~


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