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Miscellaneous By: Da Lee La

Thank you is sometimes the one thing most of us forget to say, so today I am thanking all of you here on Booksie. I want to let you know that I appreciate the time and effort my fellow writers take to read and comments on my work.

Submitted:Oct 9, 2008    Reads: 158    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Hello Everyone,


I love reading. I read for entertainment, education, my studies, information, necessity, as do we all, but the best reading is when I come acrossan extraordinary piece of writing and there is so much of it here on Booksie.

To my fellow writers who take the time and energy to read my work and leave comments, thank you. It is the kindest thing a fellow writer can do, be nice and say positive things about another writer's work. For those of you that click the 'I like it' button, an extra, extra special thank you. It is like achieving another star on the writing 'STAR CHART'. So encouraging that it compels me to make that extra effort when publishing a piece to make sure it is the best it can be. Well in truth I do go back several times and edit pieces before I absolutely force myself to leave it alone and let it be.

For those friends and family who do me the kindness, well probably because I hound them to, to open onto this site and read my work I'm so grateful, and yes again, especially to those of you who make the effort to leave a comment. Writerswrite to be read and comments left on our pages lets us know that we are being read and critiqued.

Trying not to sound too magnanimous, I am genuinely encouraged. It may be because I have recently published, and continue to do so, work in another genre; erotica, to be more specific, well there is no other category available on this site, but in truth it has brought many more people to my page and I am grateful and hopefully my other work gets a chance at being read and critiqued.

Writing is probably the single most isolated, lonely occupation a person can choose as it takes time and dedication, not to mention concentration and we writers all know how frustrating it can be when something or someone breaks that. You can lose a whole line/track of thought that was just nibbling through the darker recessesof the mind and could potentially have been the best piece of work yet.

The thing is this, that when a writer is finally finished with a work and publishes it, it can be most dishearteningif no one reads and comments on it or it can be the most uplifting experience when we receive recognition and acknowledgement for having produced an outstanding piece of work. (Well, yes of course we want others to acknowledge our extraordinary skill, that Nobel Prize potential.) Yeah right!

The major benefit of a site like Booksie is that we do in fact get read and critiqued, not something that is all that easy to achieve otherwise. There are many, many writing sites available but this one is particularly special as it is interactive and can be so much fun. We make fantastic friends, who choose to become our 'fans' and we get to read and critique other's work as well. Sometimes just reading another piece of writing can show, teach, inform and allow us to try an emulate it, thus honing in on our skill and producing better quality work to share on the site. What better 'training ground' for all us! I do not have too many people around me who share my passion for writing and being published here and having my own space to publish as much and as often as I want to is just the most fantastic opportunity. Hopefully for many of us this is a stepping stone to that actual published book and if any of us do have work officially published, then what better opportunity to test out different genres here and to gauge responses from members spread all over the world.

There you have it, my response to all the comments I have received lately. I am uplifted by all my fellow writers, fans and friends.

Happy Days



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