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What do you think of Heaven and Hell?

Miscellaneous By: Dannika

I wanna know what you think...answer these questions as comments. :)


Submitted:Aug 21, 2008    Reads: 200    Comments: 11    Likes: 1   

I havetwo questions for you:

What do you think of hell?

I do realize that is kind of vague. If you are of a different religion - there is always an equivalent to hell.

If you are Buddhist, what do you think of Naraka?

If you are Islamic, what do you think of Jahannum?

If you are Hindu, what do you think of the Stopping Point between life and reincarnation?

I can't remember all the other religions, but you get my drift...I hope.

So, most people think fire. I know that hell is eternal separation form God. Which means there is no love, kindness, caring. My camp counsellor told me that some kids he met were excited to go to hell because they thought there would be sick parties.

This is due, of course, to the media. Of course, there will not be mad parties. But I don't believe there will be fire either. I think that basically, it means, you know nothing of God. Nothing of Good. Nothing of happiness or the feelings that God basically owns.

So, what do you think of hell?

When you are writing your comment, could you please put:

My Version of Hell:

- - - And for my other question - - -

What do you think of heaven?

Again, very vague, but it shouldn't be so hard, should it?

I know you must be like, wtf, why does she want to know this? Well, number one, I want lots of comments, cause it makes me feel special. And number two because, I actually want to know what you think.

Some kid in my class actually thought that the Lord, and Jesus, and the Holy spirit was a government conspiracy!

...I know.

If you're Athiast, that's okay. I totally won't judge you because of that. My aunt is athiast, and though I'm worried about her, because I love her, I leave her to be as she is. She believes in what she believes in.

Some people have given up on God, because, well, they've gone through rough times, and he's never been there. He's always been there for you, but those rough times were meant to happen, and that may seem cruel. But, didn't you learn anything from them?

Like, if you were attacked, or raped in some way, are you still afraid? If you aren't, well, there you go. If you still are, well, i'm not saying it's going to happen again, but...you know. Everything happens for a reason, and you just gotta let it come.

My motto:

Come What May

So, anyways, I tend to ramble, but I just wanted to know.

When you are writing your comment, could you please put:

My Version of Heaven:

Thank you so much.

I hope you answer my questions as best you can, and if you're uncomfortable talking about this, just talk about cats or something. :)

Oh, and if you're looking for more information onwhat I think, go to:


The above is not what you should believe, or how you should act, it's just basically, me talking calmly about what I think, and wondering if you think the same.

Good luck, it's not like you're being tested.

Always, and Forever Yours



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