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My theory on life after death

Miscellaneous By: declan mckimm

This is a very scientific view of life after death. I do not wish to offend anyone. Feel free to post your comments.

Submitted:Feb 29, 2012    Reads: 32    Comments: 9    Likes: 6   

There are four beliefs about life after death. The first belief is that you die and it all ends, like been asleep. The second is going to Heaven/Hell. The third is becoming reincarnated into something else. And finally, the fourth is becoming a ghost. Obviously, only one of these beliefs are right, and I strongly believe in the first belief.

I do not believe in Heaven and Hell because if we went there when we died, there is the question of why we begun life on Earth instead of just beginning life in eternal bliss. Also, as an atheist, I do not believe that it is possible for such a place to exist. For this belief, I do not have a strong argument except why we did not just start life in Heaven.

I used to think that reincarnation is faesible. However, I have come up with an extremely scientific explanation of how reincarnation does not exist (some of you reading this might find this next part confusing). The theory is that before we were born, we were still there, just sperm cells and egg cells in our parents. Before they were born, we were inside our grandparents, then great grandparents and so on. When we die, when de we just become someone else? Do we just randomly become a life somewhere else when we were always us. You were always you, I was always me. The person next door to you always existed. Since the beginning of time, we have always existed, whether we were just originally just a few atoms, but every single atom in our body has always existed since the beginning of time (and that is a proven fact) so we were always in this life. I know that sounds very very confusing, but hopefully, you can see the picture.

I do not believe in ghosts for a very simple reason. If I were a ghost, I'd visit my living relatives or I'd haunt the people who wronged me in life. Out of the billions of people who have died, not one of them has shown revealed themselves in front of a crowd of people to show what happens when we die, so ghosts do not exists. Spiritualists are very convincing, but believe me, they are fakes. Plus, I know there have been apparent photographs of ghosts, but they are also faked.

So that just leaves one other possibility. I believe that when we die our bodies shut down and we never have any thoughts or feelings again. It is just like been asleep, except you are not dreaming. I am not scared of death, as there is nothing to be afraid of. Please, I would appreciate it if you commented and posted your opinions on this topic.


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