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Inner Strength.

Miscellaneous By: desjane1

I had to write a speech for English, and well, I thought about posting it here, so here it is! The title says it all.

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What is strength? Is strength the person who can lift 100lbs, or the one who can cry? Strength by definition is being strong. What is strength to me? Strength is being able to wake up every day whether you want to or not, and face that day's challenges that get thrown your way. Strength has let me get through various different situations, and allows me to carry on living my life.

Strength can help you move on through difficult situations. However, some people don't believe they have the strength to pull through the difficult times, and by thinking that they don't have the strength, they will have that mindset, and they may end up making poor decisions rather than getting the help that they need. But, where has strength gotten me? Strength has gotten me where I am today. 10 years ago my strength was tested. Strength didn't care that I was only 7. 10 years ago I lost my best friend, my father. When my dad passed away I lost not one, but both of my parents. I had to begin looking after my mother, making sure that she was okay, letting her know that she wasn't alone, I had to talk to her. I grew up when my dad passed away, I basically became the adult, whereas my mom, she gave up. She gave up on trying, and almost forgot that I existed, and who I was to her. I had to be strong for myself, but more importantly, my mom.

Did you know, men are supposed to be stronger than women, but if you look at both men and women, they are both strong. However, the difference between men and women is that they deal with things differently from one another. Men stay strong for the families, and they're physically stronger than women, but women keep the families held together, while also keeping themselves together. Strength isn't just found in a few people, strength is found in everyone. At one point in your life, you will show your inner strength, and fight through the problems because running away won't be an option.

Some say you don't need strength, that you can just deal with things by forgetting about it, blocking it out, or just not thinking about it. I disagree, blocking things out doesn't accomplish anything, in fact, it does the opposite, it can make the problem grow to be even bigger. However, with having the inner strength to deal with the situations at hand, you have the ability to overcome the problems, and move on with your life.

Strength is needed in your life. You can overcome difficult situations, move on, and you're able to support others in your life, but most importantly, strength helps you. Strength is found in men, women, children, teens, and even animals. Yes, even animals, I remember when the oldest male cat, 20 years old, passed away, his companion, our next oldest cat was withdrawn, avoiding us, you could even say depressed. Eventually over time she wanted to be around us, to be comforted, and loved, and now today she is always with us and happy. Strength is found in everyone. Without strength, we wouldn't be able to deal with problems that appear in our lives, and we may make poor decisions, or just keep running from them, and never actually face them. Strength is being able to get through difficult situations and still have hope. As Oprah Winfrey once said, "When there is no struggle, there is no strength."


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